“Streaming Online” Movie Online Eintlik Nogal Baie

actor Marisa Drummond

writed by Jarrod de Jong

29 Vote

User rating 8,1 / 10

Countries South Africa

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Country South Korea; Release Date 2014; Synopsis Sung-geun is an untalented actor who makes a living playing minor roles.he happens to land on the role as Kim il-sung,the former leader of North Korea,for the rehearsal of the South-North korea summit; genre Drama; 6,5 of 10

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country: Austria
Rating: 17 vote
Actor: Erwin Leder, Kawo Reland
7,4 / 10 Star
Kawo Reland

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Writed by=Joan Marimón Country=Spain genre=Documentary stars=Vittoria Alliata

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