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Ciara Rose Burke; tomatometer=4,1 of 10 Star; 2015; director=Thairon Mendes; Summary=A group of young people went on a abandoned hostel in Sligo, Ireland. After they play a really creepy game, all of them disappear

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Love ghost stories. They unnerve the Hell out of me.


I have never before written a review for a movie. I actually opened an account on IMDb to write one for this movie. I gotta to say, with the amount of crap horror movies out there, this (considering it's a so called 'B' movie) is better than most I have seen this year and many more before that! From the off... (regardless what you hear about 'the slow start' it grabs your attention! It reminds me a little of Grave Encounters (but just a little mind you. This movie is on a whole different level. It actually scared the S. out of me for most parts. Which none of the "Hollywood Blockbusters" have done for me in a long while. I will recommend this movie to any horror fan out IT.

The music is similar than Dunquirk.

It looks cheap. At least they tried

I thought it was about 3rd shift at Walmart. lmao. So, lets see: 1st we have all men, then all women, and now we have all kids going after ghosts (or bustling ghost) Hmmmm! Cant wait to see it. Who is the grandfather? If I had to guess, I would say the Harold Ramos Character Egan Spengler. The boys look more like him when he was on the original Ghostbusters movie I. 1,600 men? Buddy, this is World War One. Youve got to pump those numbers up. 2:03 David Guetta. I couldn't finish the movie, i was done i'm not kidding. Well the good news is that apparently Santa Claus exists in this world! The bad news is he has a pissed off roommate.



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