review=Dede is a 19 year old second-generation Chinese-Canadian who has grown up almost her whole life in Toronto, Canada. In Dede's gap-year, her mom LiuYe brings her back to the 1970's Army family apartment in China where Dede was born. Amongst personal items from China's tumultuous Mao-era, and they rediscover their family transformation. Their discussions range from topics about the June 4th Tiananmen Square movement, the Cultural Revolution, and confusion over their multi-cultural identification, to disagreements over the conception about marriage and romance. In this context they both ask the question 'who am I?' In the end, Dede and LiuYe achieve an unexpected result. Canadian filmmaker Morgan Kroon accompanies them through their journey from a village graveyard to a Liberation Army apartment, observing their exploration. Documentary. Duration=59 Minute

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Dede, I Brought You Back 2018 Online Subtitrat - MCS Partners. Dede I Brought You Back. Date. Sunday 13 October 2019. Directed by Canadian filmmaker Morgan Kroon, this world premiere screening of Dede I Brought You Back (2018) showcases a special story about bi-cultural life and the sense of disconnect that inevitably follows. DEDE, to main page. Dede games. Dede songs.



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