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Release Date: 2013; countries: India; Abstract: Subbu, a snobbish old man, is estranged from his son, when he marries a girl from another caste. But, his perspective on life begins to change, when his grandson comes to stay with him in the village; Directed by: Balu Mahendra

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Thalaimuraigal. This is best 2010's period best tamil movie. Make it more popular. One of the heart-warming movies ever made. Sadly it didn't have a week run at the theaters. Veteran Balu Mahendra (BM) has beautifully captured the sweet moments between a grandfather and his grandson. One particular poetic scene where the grandpa takes a gem chocolate from the latter's hand. BM as the grandpa is top-notch and treat to watch with various expressions. Rest of the casting is very apt. The movie is devoid of commercial compromises, great that it can be watched by entire family. Music is very minimal, but very effectively portrays varied emotions, very typical from the combination of the legends Balu and Ilaiyaraaja. Only one Tamil TV channel telecasts this movie now and then. Don't miss.




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