genre Drama; Writed by Paul Ruven; release Year 2014; 1hours 30 Minute; Netherlands

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The Surrender




Crap just stretching a fight with no real threat. Dancings no real power in any of the strikes it kicks. This is definitely one of the more better fight scenes I've seen. Look to anyone thinking this is a scott adkins movie ITS an egyptian movie called karmouz war and scott adkins is just a guest in the movie.





So Others May Live.


The Surrender release date…. Episode VII There have been rumors of some evil power rising beyond the Outer Rim. Some speculate that its the return of the Sith, others think its nothing. Grandmaster Luke Skywalker of the new Jedi Order senses that its not nothing, and sends Jedi Master Bak Quaya, and his padawan Jaina Solo (Daisy Ridley) to the planet Jakku to investigate. They take a squadron of New Republic Troopers with them. They discover a village under attack by an army of men in red stormtrooper-like armor. The. The Burned Photo [Part 11.


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