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abstract Josephine's Demon is a movie starring Emma Baumback, Alison Bohnet, and Amber Bohnet. Summer has just begun, and a group of kids who call themselves the Puggles are free to roam all day long. While out on adventure, they try to / Runtime 75 min / Horror / Stephen Bohnet

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Directed by Stephen Bohnet Josephine's Demon


Deception point was amazing. Irene adler. Daaam the true Da Vinci now whe talking. btw when whe gonna see Ezio for fuck sake. S. To all complaining about the extremness of the show. Its on Starz, the network that aired spartacus for 4 seasons. Did everyone suddenly forget this. Is this even a hit in novel? I mean, theres a lot of good stuff in novel why cant they make it to the anime.

Always a love story in horror movies. Come on...
The Promised Neverland: Demons Blue Exorcist: Demons Seven Deadly Sins: Demons Black Clover: Demons Devilman Crybaby: Demons Demon Slayer: You guessed it.
Anyone know the trailer music? it's great.

I saw this in the theatre. Am I the only one who thinks this film was absolutely awesome and haunting and all of the above? Not to mention- fiendishly funny and clever all at the same time. The Way AZ says To the World Gets me everytime. I like chinese myth. Wukong, Nezha, and Erlang Shen are my favorite characters. OMFG! I want to see this movieee. Relly loved the book. Tanjiro: CaN U teEcH Me FirE Rengoku: Yes Also Rengoku. I dont remember this version of the Polar Express. I laughed the entire time in the theater. One of my favorite modern B movies. Beautiful film though.



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