Jacqui Inouye. A Sasquatch, Loch Ness Monster, and a Mothman trying to find their place in society with the help of their caregiver Dr. Stein and his intern Kelly. Stars Ed Larson. USA

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Ohh yay morec my night I'm a dingdong. I produced this show late last year and neglected to plug it on this corner of the internet. Its the story of Doctor Stein (played by none other than 2real) a DEFINITELY NOT former Nazi scientist working for the US government in the 1950s, collecting, studying, and socializing various cryptids. Its very much a baby of Last Podcast and most of the people who helped it come together are fans of the show Ive met through the original Facebook group and the live shows Im pretty proud of how it.

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Oh hell naw that messed up but funny though 😂. Ah, I remember my first day at school. Talking, laughing, killing, what a swell first day it was. Ok, did not see that twist coming! Another well done short <3. Gaines H.F. 0:30 I swear that's ana's eye from overwatch. #MomGoals. Im gonna miss beck so much! She was my favorite. So the father didn't really want to be there with his daughter, the last girl couldn't accept that she was killing herself trying to be smaller It's that they are fitting the old fashioned roles, that's why the next guy with the make up was spared he was changing who he was to fit the roles but decided he like himself how he was in the the father fit the male ideal of emotions mean weakness so he died right.

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