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2 Hour, 18 Min genre - Action synopsis - "In the beginning, there was nothing." So starts this version of the story centered on Noah (Russell Crowe), the man entrusted by God to save the innocent animals of Earth as the rising floodwaters cleansed the planet of mankind's evil. As the telling continues, we learn how Adam and Eve's sins have passed down through generations through their sons Cain and Abel, and how the descendants of their righteous sibling Seth were entrusted with defending creation. One day, while foraging in the country, a descendant of Seth, Noah, sees his father slain by a descendant of Cain. In the process, Noah's birthright is stolen from him. Decades later, as a father of three, Noah experiences a vision foretelling the great flood that will wash over the Earth, destroying every living thing that stands on the soil. That vision leads Noah to seek out his grandfather, Methuselah, in order to understand his mission. When a second vision reveals that Noah is to construct a massive ark designed to shelter every living animal during the great flood, Noah, his wife Naameh (Jennifer Connelly), their three sons Shem (Douglas Booth), Ham (Logan Lerman), and Japheth (Leo McHugh Carroll), and their adoptive sister Ila (Emma Watson) immediately begin construction on the vessel with the help of the Watchers, a race of angels created as beings of light, but encrusted in stone and mud and forsaken by God for their attempts to help man. Meanwhile, word of Noah's work soon reaches Tubal Cain (Ray Winstone), who gathers an army on a mission to overtake the ark, and survive the coming storm by any cost release Date - 2014 Audience Score - 228600 Vote

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Every Ornn Fan Skin Recap. 23 [F4R] Anywhere - A pal for this gal. Aside from James 'No time' Rolfe, who else did you use to watch on youtube (gamer or critic etc) and do you still watch them now? This is mainly for long time fans of cinemassacre. * I am a Christian and I am going to offer evidence that God exists, the Bible is the truth, and that Jesus Christ is the way to eternal life. But I have two things to say first. 1. There is evidence that Christianity is the truth but I will admit that believing in Jesus will always require a certain amount of faith. 2. To weigh the evidence fairly it is important to have an open mind. The First Thing That Ever Existed. Let me ask you a question. What is the first thing that ever ex.

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R/AFL Phantom Draft - Follow Up Announcement. What's happening around town (Wed, Nov 27th - Tue, Dec 3rd.



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