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average Rating - 5,9 of 10 star / writer - Rafaël Ouellet / country - Canada / directed by - Rafaël Ouellet / Carla Turcotte

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It was amazing, this is the perfect end of this wonderful adventure of 2 drug drillers, I really enjoyed el Camino, thanks to Netflix.


Is that flipping Verner Herzog in a Star Wars trailer. Who watched the movie then the trailer 😂. He's dead' Who's dead. Your Attorney, Mr Ragano. He's dead? Who did it? Short pause 'Cancer' This was sad but I couldn't hold my laugh. Btw this short convo tells you everything you need to know about the character. This is either going to be okay, or extremely bad. Edit: didnt think my comment would get this many likes, lol.


Now that old lady know she ugly for peeking around the corner like that 😂

I have never seen so many versions of the same joke in my life. I like how Hobb´s family is based on Dwayne Johnson´s Islander Family.


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