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Nobody: Sony: how about a Mister Rogers film? Me: 😭🍿. Axwell. Ingrosso - Something New(Robin Schulz Remix) <3 <3 <3. It looks great! Music is amazing. Girl: Can you play Drunk in Love Zac: Absolutely not Me: leaves. This is the saddest serie i ever watched heart broken😞. Sees title : Sun is a star Me : well no shit we found this out years ago.

Ohhh I'm waiting for something, but not for an apology 😂. I think Tom Hanks is very aware that this is the most important role he's gonna play.


It was funny when the girl said,can u play drunken love? and he said absolutely not. haha. Soon, there will be a Japanese boy imagining his BFF is Hirohito. I like how when I see this ad on videos, it counts down when i get to skip it! D. Thia movie is so sink! Love IT. I dont know what to think of this. I watched this the first time today and really freaked out! For a second i thought its real and then the comments broke my heart🙂.

Wow, Tom Hanks nailed the opening! This is the movie that he will be known for above all the others. Name: Jojo Stando power: Adolf Hitler Stats.


1:38 F You Shane xD. Tom Hanks is already a living legend now that. Hes doing this. Who else cried horribly during the show knowing they made it out in the end 🥵.

I DONT know how to feel about this ohmygod

Way too corny to be honest- and I usually love these type of movies... Project almanac, the walking dead, and high school musical all in one.





I feel so connected to his music because I know what he had been going through, I'm 17, I got bullied in school, my parents got divorced. I have fallen in love with my best friend already and he doesnt know.


I love this song 😇🙂😚 hit the like button ☟

The true 7 stages 1. Realizes you like your best friend 2. Never tells them and cries inside Update: So I told her guys. Um, turns out we felt the same way! Weve been dating for 2 weeks now. Edit: Thank you for the likes guys! Good luck with your crush. 0% money 0% women 0% drugs 10% cars 30% old man 10% swimming 100% talent.


The seven stages of falling in love with your bestfriend All starco shippers enter the chat

4. alone.

Me who doesn't have a friend in the first place: pathetic

Seriously, 50 - 50? No wonder im super confused. I had a friend in 3rd grade, who was the cousin of my current friend. I caught her laughing about how I didnt have any robux on Roblox and confronted her, and she played it off as a joke. Afterwards, I saw her treating her friend like trash and we got into an argument. I still dont know how many times she called me a b*tch. I avoid her to this day. I also had a friend in 4th grade, but I figured out that she was super hypocritical and oblivious. When I told her I didnt wanna be friends, she said “thats fine with me 🤗” as if she didnt care at all.

2 fav ppl in 1 frame😭😭❤❤❤.


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