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Emir Skalonja; Genre - Drama, Horror; Emir Skalonja; stars - Catherine Brundage, Michael Balch; country - USA

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Watched the whole movie. Thanks... 😂. The stepdaughter is so old. I don't know much about this movie, but I'm pretty sure that Pound of flesh 2 will be about James Franco searching for his hand. I thought this was a different type of film 1/10. 🔥supb trailer... 😘 One like for dad...

Quiero saber cuando empuesa la tercera temporada del el residente desian el 26 de señtimbre y no pasa nada para cuando. Left me full of questions. Can't wait for it to come out.

I just watched the whole movie from this trailer

Is this short movie😂. FLESH OF MY FLESH is another in a long line of low/no budget zombie flicks made independently by people who love the genre, who want to make a movie but who are just starting out. Zombies are running wild in several cities and one such city is fences off. A small team is sent in via helicopter to see if there are any survivors left. This movie isn't that bad. The idea is great, and they tried so hard. maybe it should be remade into what it was meant to be.

I watched the movie❤️😍🔥. I met Susan Tom last week, and she is so inspirational. and Xenia had a baby. May you be free of fear; may you be at peace; may you be happy ❤. I watched this movie in early high school and decided i wanted to adopt. my resolution to adopt has only grown stronger. this woman is a saint, and i don't think i can ever do what she does. i dont think most people could. but if she inspires more people to adopt, even children without disabilities, that she is making an even greater difference in the world. Susan Tom of Fairfield, CA, is not a typical single mother. Tom is the head of a family of 11 adopted children, all of whom are physically challenged or living with long-term illnesses. Tom and her special family are the subject of My Flesh and Blood, a documentary which examines the dynamic of.

Welp. that movie was good. Flesh of My Flesh - The Film - Home, Facebook. Why waste time and wait when u can wtch a whole movie in trailer 😂😂. Haha my evil stepdad by bangbros 😂. Looks very 'American' pathetic. Thanks for letting me watch the whole movie in a very short minutes. @pinkiepink its on youtube i believe. Okay so I just watched the whole movie basically lol. Thanks for saving my tym😁.




It's 2019 and this shit still gets me lit.


My advice. don't bring your whole crew. Thanks for posting this song. I had it on a cassette that was damaged. I love this song. Wow! I miss Lavine's singing! Wonder what she's doing these days in Gospel music.

Bruhh DMX went hella hard on this

WAT IF THIERS 94 TRILLION pRIYANKA CHOPRA LOOK ALIKES then wat Allah ho Allah has them lol bruh study dat. Illest one and Its Dark and hell is hot... DMX best time. We got more violence on the street then, when he had violet AF rap. Beautiful Song. A wonderful song, and lavines voice is a pleasure to listen to. So sad to hear of her passing 😢 taken far too soon. May she rest in peace ❤️🙏🏽. I just luv.


My mama got married to my step dad off this song many years ago i love it. I am soo in love with this song. This will be one of my wedding songs. Nice to see this posted, got a signed 12 of this wonderful gospel classic. AHHHHHHHHHH.

The first line of the song probably the most epic fuccin bar of all time, lol

DMX drops the soap 0:04. One of my favorite songs. I love this song, brought back some memories.




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