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I feel like this is really long AND Im super nervous to post, just throwin that out there 😂 Age: Me - 29 Husband- 32 Retirement Balance: 401k: 3170 (My company matches up to 10% but right now I only contribute 3. Once I get my debts down then I fully intend on upping my contribution. Savings Account Balance: 2000 between 2 accounts Checking Account Balance: 2500-4000 (The balance in our checking account depends on where we are in the month and what bills have come out. Debt: Credit Card: 2000 (this is some of the stuff that we had to pay for when we got married and the inspections that we had to pay for when we bought our house, we pay anywhere from 100-300 a month) Credit Union: 5425 (I was reckless with credit cards for several years, this balance started at 8000 and I pay at least 200 per month. Honestly, I feel really shitty about this loan because if I didnt have it then my husband and I could save more or have more money for fun stuff. The money for this loan comes from my paycheck, I dont want him to feel like he is working to pay off my mistakes. Mortgage: 121, 000 Income: Full time salary: 1666 (This is my monthly take home AFTER taxes, my health insurance, dental and vision insurance, 401k contribution and FSA deduction. I also have a direct deposit set up for 100 from each check to go to a credit union to pay a loan that I have there. Postmates: 100 (If we do this consistently then we could make about 200 a month, but we dont do it very much anymore. Part Time Retail: 120 (A friend of mine is a store manager at a popular retail store in the mall and she asked me to help her out during the holiday season, this will end sometime in January. Husbands salary: 1840 (This is his monthly take home AFTER taxes, health, vision and dental insurances and 401k contribution) Monthly Expenses: Mortgage: 860 Gas: 30-55 (we have only been in our house since May, I know that as the weather gets colder then this will increase. Electric: 50-160 (cheaper in the winter time since our heater is gas) Water: 68-75 AT&T: 170 (this is for internet at home and our cell phone service- we own our phones outright. Ive tried changing carriers because AT&T customer service is garbage but my husband wants to keep AT&T. Subscriptions- Netflix: 12. 99 Disney+ Bundle: 12. 99 Apple Music + iCloud Storage: 15. 98 Xbox Live: 9. 99 Anytime Fitness: 40 Jiu Jitsu Gym: 100 (this is my husbands membership, he trains at least 4 days a week and recently got his purple belt. Car Insurance: 160 (for my car and my husbands truck) Life Insurance: 40 (we have term life insurance right now, its about 20 per person. Annual Expenses: YNAB: 76 (YNAB is my jam, I dont know how I would live without it at this point. It has helped my husband and I get ahead and not live paycheck to paycheck. I could maybe make a spreadsheet and not pay for the subscription but I think that would give me hella anxiety. Prime: 119 Day One, Monday 6:30 am- Wake up, feed the dog and give her fish oil, mix my preworkout and head to the gym. I stop at a little shopping center up the street from my house to play Pokemon Go while I sip on my preworkout. Its part of my routine, no shame. 8 am- Home from the gym. Take my morning supplements: multivitamin, fish oil, calcium and probiotic. Do my morning routine of unloading and re-loading the dishwasher while watching grocery hauls on YouTube. Note to self: need new rubber gloves. Boil some eggs for my husband, D, to snack on this week and clean up the kitchen. Hop in the shower because it is time to wash my hair. I recently cut my hair WAY shorter than it's been in the past and I can get away with only washing it about once per week now. Honestly, I could go longer but I hate dry shampoo. Today I use Perfectly Posh BFF Everyday Exfoliant on my face. I don't have a skin care routine and right now I'm trying to use up all the products that I've spent money on and forgotten about before I buy anything else. Use Amika. shampoo that my hairdresser gifted me. After my shower I use Herbal Essences mousse and blow dry my hair, run a straightener thru it and I'm basically ready for the day. 9 am- Heat up some leftover casserole that I made on Saturday night to have for breakfast. Lay on the couch for a bit watching The Fosters on Netflix. Text my boss to remind her that I have a video call with a doctor set up at 12:20 and I will need to step away for a few minutes. Grab one of the lunches that I prepped yesterday (plain hamburger patty, I'll spice it up when I eat later) mix up a protein shake (Orgain protein powder and almond milk) and head to work. 11 am- I'll go ahead and tell you about my job now. I am an assistant supervisor at a local bank. My team is made up of 2 full time employees (I will call them FT1 and FT2) and 3 part time employees (PT1, PT2, PT3. I love my job, I love my bank and 90% of the time I love the people that I work with. If I could change one thing it would be my schedule. I work 11:30-6:30 M-F and 9-1 Saturdays. I don't mind the week day schedule but I'm over working Saturdays. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to move into a different position that would have better hours for me, until then I'm going to power thru. Today I am covering lunches for another team because they have someone out on vacation this week. Normally I like working with this group, today is not one of those days. I'm just in a funk. 12 pm- The video call that I have scheduled today is for my medical marijuana card. Medical marijuana just became legal in our state and we saved up the money to do get our cards instead of doing Christmas gifts for each other. My phone rings at 12 and it's the doctors office and they are rescheduling my appointment for the 4th time. I'm beyond pissed, I tell them that this is unacceptable and that if they try to reschedule my appointment again I will be requesting my money back or disputing the charge with my credit card. 3:30 pm- I'm done covering lunches and am heading back to my area. I receive an email that PT1 accepted a check stub for a deposit, not the actual check. I'm pissed. I talk to him about it and he says "I thought it looked weird but it said 'check. over here so I assumed it was real. I explained to him that it was definitely just the stub and that if in the future he thinks something looks weird to let me know and I will look at it with him. I love my part timers, they are like my children but their work ethic could use some improvement. Eat my hamburger patty with some Swiss cheese, BBQ sauce and pickles. 6 pm- Get a text from D saying that I have packages. Yay! I'm pretty sure it's Quest protein stuff. I'm part of their Quest Squad which sounds cooler than it is but it means that I post about their stuff on IG and they send me free stuff here and there. Monday nights D and I get to have dinner together and hang out, I give D a few dinner prep things that he can work on before I get home. Before we got together D lived on instant rice and Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup (or any kind of soup) before that his mom did everything for him 100% of the time. Since we have been together he has started learning how to cook which is really awesome. He usually takes the lead and makes dinner on Monday and Friday, but tonight we are having broccoli and cheddar soup which he has never made before so we are making it together. 8 pm- Dinner was so good. We are now settled on the couch watching Home Alone 2. Take my night time supplements which are calcium, fish oil, magnesium and zinc. Bed before 10. Day Two, Tuesday 6:30 am- Up and at ‘em. Give the dog food and fish oil. Mix my preworkout, get dressed and head to the gym. After my workout I head to the grocery store across the street to buy rubber gloves. (2. 56) 8 am- Home from the gym and grocery store. Take my supplements and do some dishes. Scramble some eggs and heat up some sausage, toss it all in a bowl and top it with cheese and salsa. Take a quick body shower. Skin care today is Neutrogena face wash, Witch Hazel and Perfectly Posh Moisturize 911. I have a lot of Perfectly Posh stuff because someone I knew in high school sells it and I legit cannot say no to people for some reason. 10:45 am- Im almost to work when I realize that I forgot my lunch at home so I pull into Jersey Mikes to get a Chipolte Cheesesteak to eat later. (10. 99 after tip… do yall tip at places like Jersey Mikes? Im trying to settle a long standing debate between PT1 and myself) 2 pm- Eat part of my Jersey Mike's, save the rest for tomorrow. 3 pm- After a few hours spent helping with teller transactions I retreat to my office to try to knock some items off of my to do list. I start by going thru my gift card sales reports and getting past years reports ready to file away. I have to leave this task half-finished because I dont have enough folders to file everything. I get a call from my boss that she will be coming to my office shortly to discuss my year-end bonus, Im nervous? While I wait on her I get an email from upper management letting me know the year-end bonus for each of my team members. Im honestly really excited to tell them about it. My full timers left at 2:45 so I text FT2 to tell her but call FT1 to tell her that she is getting a bonus and what the amount is and she is really excited because she wasnt expecting anything at all. After I hang up with her I go out to tell my part timers and they are also really happy. 4 pm- My bonus is going to be 400, I am very happy and appreciative of this. 5 pm- Get an email requesting one of my part timers for coverage for the next few weeks. I head out to the teller line to talk to him about it and he responds by giving me his notice. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but he feels that he is making a move that will help him in his future career so I can't be too mad about it. Although I can be irritated that he is putting in his notice on 12/10 and saying his last day will be 12/20. 7 pm- Stop on the way home to get some ice cream. 4. 54) D is at the gym tonight so it's just me and our furbaby. I start on dinner and decide to make like a zucchini lasagna thing because I have some zucchini that I need to use but it didn't turn out too awesome. Oh well, it was edible and D will eat legitimately anything, except tofu. Take my evening supplements and sit on the couch scrolling thru IG and Facebook while somewhat paying attention to what is happening on TV. 54) Day Three, Wednesday 7 am- Got a later start this morning. Fish oil and food for my furbaby, preworkout for myself. I decide to do cardio today so I alternate between running and walking on the treadmill for 35 minutes. While Im on the treadmill I watch “Full Day of Eating” videos on YouTube. Im obsessed with these videos, if you also love them and want to give me recommendations of your fave YouTubers then pleeeease tell me! 9 am- My dog has jumped the fence 3 times this morning so thats how my day is going so far. Almost the same morning routine as always, lol. Supplements, sausage and eggs, dishes and laundry. Im such a boring person. 10 am- Get a call from my doctor about some lab work that I had done last Thursday, they said all my levels are normal. Obviously that is a good thing but Im bummed at the same time. Back story: My husband and I want kids so I stopped taking birth control in September and have not had a period since then. The doctor did a blood test last month to see if I was pregnant and I wasnt so he started me on Provera for 10 days to see if I got a withdrawal bleed, I did not. So I went in last week so he could check my hormone levels to see if I am low on something and apparently Im normal all across the board. His nurse said that I need to stop stressing out because that is probably not helping me at all and that if I dont have a period in a month or so then to come back and the doctor will want to do a cervical biopsy. I am 100% a worrier, I stress about the littlest things but honestly I cannot help it. I need to work on it. My plan is to google things that I could do to help my stress levels. Any advice? 12 pm- PT1 called in. Super irritated about this. Call around to find some coverage for closing tonight because I am taking a half day. Since PT1 called in I have to audit his cash drawer, I learn that he is out of balance because he doesnt count his coin everyday even though I have told him repeatedly that he needs to. Why dont people listen to their supervisors? Eat my leftover Jersey Mikes from yesterday. 3:30 pm- Off for the day. My mom bought us tickets to a medium tonight. Im pretty excited. Head home to pick up my furbaby so she can play with my dad and his dog while mom and I are hanging out with the spirits. Stop for gas before leaving town (25) 9 pm. D got Sonic for dinner on his way home from the gym. (13. 43) 11 pm- Yall, that medium was garbage. I do believe in that kind of thing but that girl was a waste of time. My mom loads me up with some old ornaments that I asked her to save me, some salsa that she made, pictures of my grandma on her wedding day and my dog and sends us on our way. We make it about 10 miles on the highway and get stuck in standstill traffic from a wreck that happened a few hours earlier. A trip that normally takes me 1. 5 hours max turned into 2. 5 hours. Thank the universe for my true crime podcasts. Get home, kiss D goodnight on his way to bed, eat some leftover soup and go to bed. Day Four, Thursday 7 am- I am so dang close to talking myself out of going to the gym today, but I tell myself to suck it up. Preworkout and Pokemon Go on my way to the gym. Decide to have another treadmill day, so I turn on some FDOE on YouTube and get my steps in. 9:30 am- Grab my lunch (deli ham sandwich) the salsa that my mom made and part of my gift for a party that Im going to after work and head out the door. I have errands to run before I go to work so Im leaving early today. First stop is the bank to take out cash to pay for our fence that is going up in a couple of weeks (1200) Im so happy that this is happening. The party tonight is a “sock exchange” party that one of my upper management co-workers is throwing… have you ever been to a sock exchange? Apparently you bring a pair of socks and some kind of little gift and the exchange is similar to Dirty Santa. I go to Target to look for something else to go with the socks that I already purchased. I end up with a snow globe, candy cane full of Hersheys Kisses and a cute gift bag. (15. 92. My last stop on this adventure is the post office, I need to mail a card and get some stamps for our holiday cards. (22) Why are stamps so expensive? 1237. 92) 1 pm- Spend the first part of my work day placing service calls on various equipment, fun times. Since tomorrow is pay day I decide to spend some time putting transactions into YNAB so that I can make sure we havent overspent anywhere. (YNAB or You Need A Budget is the program that I use to track our spending and our account balances and stuff. Lately Ive been wondering if I could make a spreadsheet that would do the same thing or if I could find one somewhere… I love using it but Ive caught myself slacking off on tracking everything recently. Browse the Target website (wasnt I just at Target. Found a really cute Hanukkah sweater that lights up and I feel like I should own it. They have the option to pick up in store, so thats cool. (16. 10) Eat my lunch and chat with FT1 & FT2, I decided to get an Apple Watch and they are helping me mentally prepare for the purchase. Ive had a FitBit for years but Im just not loving it anymore. I go with the silver Series 3, it comes with a white band which I dont like but Im going to get a cute sparkly one on Amazon. (248. 75) See an email that our Disney+ subscription paid out of our account. (7, this is just the Disney/ESPN part-Hulu charges separately on another day) This is looking like a really expensive day for me. (271. 85) 9 pm- Home from my party, it was actually really fun! I was wrong and it wasnt like Dirty Santa at all. There is a special version of “The Night Before Christmas” where the words left and right are added in and basically any time the reader says “left” you pass your gift to the left and if they say “right” you pass to the right. It was really funny trying to keep up. Turn on Friends and fill out some paperwork that I need to send in for Ds medical marijuana appointment. D comes home around 9:30 with Chinese food for himself (16. 66) it smells really good but Im stuffed from all the stuff I ate at the party. 66) Day Five, Friday 6:30 am- A few months ago I interviewed for a higher position at a different bank, a few days after the interview I got an email saying that they really enjoyed meeting with me but they were not going to fill the position that I interviewed for… I was bummed but everything happens for a reason. So a few days ago I got an email from one of the ladies that I interviewed with and she wanted to meet me for coffee, I agreed. We are meeting at Starbucks at 8:30 so Im skipping the gym today. Give the dog her breakfast and fish oil, fill up my water bottle and get dressed. As Im getting ready I start dreading this meeting. I dont know why? I love where Im at now but it doesnt hurt to make connections. 9 am- The meeting went well. The ladies I met with said that they are not currently hiring but that they really liked me and want to make sure that they stay in contact. I did tell them that Im happy where Im at but that I would like to be considered for their new position when it comes available in June (the branch isnt open yet, they are still building it. I dont want to drive back home because its too far out of the way so I head up the street to Target to pick up my Hanukkah sweater. Im going in to work a little early but I still have about an hour before I can go clock in sooooo I go sit in a parking lot and watch YouTube videos. Im really excited because they are opening a new location of my gym right across the street from my job, this is going to come in handy when I have to work an open to close shift and want to work out on my lunch break. 12 pm- Its payday, yall. Open up YNAB and plug in 4 incoming deposits. I got paid from my part time job, my year-end bonus, my wellness reimbursement and my actual paycheck. Once those are all added in then I budget that money into various categories. Im able to put 100 in savings this week, which is nice since I just emptied out a savings account to buy a fence. 2 pm- I have 2 team members that have birthdays within 4 days of each other so today we are having a food day. Everyone likes pizza so I order 2 pizzas, one pepperoni and one with half meat lovers and half chicken and pineapple. (22 after tip) FT1 brought cupcakes, FT2 brought cookies and PT2 brought chips and queso. So healthy. (22) 4:52 pm- What a random time stamp but I just looked at the clock on my computer to see what time it is and that is what it says. I have been holed up in my office being super productive for a couple of hours and now its time for a productivity break to update my money diary. D is off work now so I call him to talk about our dinner plans (we are making stuffed peppers) he said that he stopped on the way home to buy the cream cheese that I forgot to get on Sunday (2. 69. We also start discussing what we are going to watch tonight… we do not have the same taste in movies or TV so we have to figure these things out before I get home otherwise a decision will never be made. The verdict is that we are going to watch the new episode of “The World According to Jeff Goldblum, ” on Disney+ and then we will finish Home Alone 2 that we started way earlier in the week and never finished. Im almost ready to go back to being productive. So far I have completed my gift card sales report project that I started on Tuesday, worked on some account maintenance for a customer and scheduled a meeting with my boss to go over FT1s annual review before I submit it for final approval. Now Im going to make a list of some things that I would like to accomplish next week and then as a reward for that I will probably scroll thru Reddit and read some money diaries. 69) 7 pm- Home from work and time to make dinner. We are having stuffed bell peppers tonight, I found the recipe on IG a long time ago and its one of our favorites because it is super simple. Italian sausage, cream cheese, rotel and shredded cheese all cooked together and then stuffed into bell peppers and baked. While dinner is cooking I decide to try out my marijuana oil that my mom brought me, lets just say that I overdid it. LOL. Watch Jeff Goldblum and then finish Home Alone 2 and it is time for bed. Day Six, Saturday 7:45 am- Overslept. Rush around the house getting ready for work. Make a protein shake, pack some leftovers from last night and head to the bank. I have my video call with the medical marijuana doctor at 9, yay! 10:30 am- Drink my protein shake and talk to PT1 and PT2 about all the random things going on in their lives. PT1 wanted to use his year-end bonus to pay a house cleaner to come do his dishes and mop his kitchen but when they told him they would charge 100 he thought it was too much (PS, that was 100 to clean the whole house not just do the dishes and mop the floor. PT2 recently broke up with her boyfriend (well, theyre on a “break”) and she is mad because her family still plans on going to his basketball game tonight. They crack me up. PT3 is off today because its her birthday. Start a Wal-Mart grocery pick up order for D to pick up later. So far in my cart: cabbage, cauliflower, kale, frozen mixed veg, ground beef, Italian sausage, granola bars, cashew milk, crushed tomatoes, bacon, onions, cream cheese and fresh parmesan. (48. 10) 2 pm- Left my full time job to go home and get ready to go to my part time job, my husband is dropping me off so that I dont have to park… traffic around the mall is awful and Im now going to be late. Im working 2-7 tonight. 7 pm- My boss has had a rough night so when I clock out I head to the vending machine to buy her a coke (1. 75. Order 2 pairs of shoes for myself online using my discount (95. 05) and load up on shoes that I am buying for other people… One pair of shoes for my step sister, 2 pairs for my best friends little brother and 1 more pair for myself (130) I will be reimbursed for my step sisters shoes and my best friends shoes but since Im swiping my card for it Im counting it as a purchase. (226. 80) 8 pm- D picks me up and tells me that he forgot to thaw anything to make for dinner. Im hungry so we go to Wal-Mart and buy Caulipower Spicy Chicken Strips, Great Value Sweet Potato Fries and ice cream. (18. 69) 10 pm- Those chicken strips were really good. Not worth 8 for a bag but YOLO, right? Day Seven, Sunday 8 am- Wake up and realize that I forgot to buy breakfast sausage, oops. Ask D to run up the street to buy some so that I can make us some breakfast. I like to make us a big breakfast on Sunday so we can power thru our responsibilities early in the day. Today Im making sausage (3. 24) eggs and the remaining sweet potato fries that I didnt cook last night for dinner. It was good and D is now full, which is a big deal because it basically never happens. (3. 24) 11 am- Help D prep his lunches for the week (tilapia, veggies and rice) hang some pictures in our spare room, do all the laundry and now I can relax before my shift. 1 pm- I manage to snag a parking spot relatively close to the mall entrance, which is nice because its 30 degrees and I cant handle the cold. Im working til 5:30 today and then we are taking my little cousin, L, to Ds gym to see if he might want to try out jiu jitsu. Open mat is from 6-8pm and then we are gonna get dinner before we drop L off at his dads house. 7:45 pm- D is done at the gym and L has requested that we go to Golden Corral for dinner. This would not be my first choice but Im not eating. I ate a protein cookie at work so Im not really hungry, so off we go! 25 after tip) While the boys eat dinner I order some stuff on Amazon that Ive had sitting in my cart for a few days: 2 bands for my new watch, a plastic case for my watch and 2 dresses to try out for my work holiday party next week, two of the same dress but in different sizes. (78. 74 after an Amazon credit and some cash back on my credit card) 103. 74) 8:30 pm- Drop L off at home and call my mom to tell her that L had a good time and wants to try out a kids class. We discuss how much its going to cost and how we can get him to the class at least once a week. Get home and start “Love & Mercy, ” on Amazon Prime. Eat some Halo Top and go to bed. Totals (Hopefully this adds up correctly) Groceries: 79. 82 Eating Out: 89. 83 Shopping: 606. 50 Gas: 25 Other: 1207 (Fence money and Disney+ Reflections: This wasnt an entirely normal week for me, I can honestly say that I never shop like I did this week. I also didnt add in ALL of my husbands spending because he usually takes out cash and spends that so anything tracked for him was spent on his debit card. I realized while writing this that it sounds like I never see my husband, lol. Our work schedules dont line up and he trains about 4 days a week so on those days he gets home after 9pm.

Tribeca award winner Body Team 12 was one of my top three films nominated for the International Documentary Association (IDA) s best short film of the year. The courage required to capture this story at the center of an ebola outbreak is almost inconceivable. Not only did the filmmakers rise to the occasion to 'get the goods' for their story, they managed to capture quiet, soulful moments that enriched the film. The overall effect is uplifting in the face of immense tragedy and hardship- a stunning feat.
This is not mere journalistic storytelling, but something more artful. Watch for visual themes and motifs, subtly textured into the edit, that emphasize the spiritual and earthly sacrifice these brave workers are making for their fellow human beings. Hauntingly beautiful, terrifyingly real.

Hello! Ive been a long time lurker and always felt a little out of place since I dont earn anywhere near as much as a lot of the MDs, Im older but still living by myself, and Im in academia which felt different to normal jobs. This was a great exercise and made me really look into my finances and understand everything, so instead of a vague idea of my assets/savings I now have a proper document to refer to! Also want to preface that I dont donate money usually, but I donate time (science outreach and mentoring youths from underprivileged backgrounds. Its something that hung over from my PhD days, where I had some behind-the-scenes peeks on huge charities and realise how little of their money actually goes to a good cause. I do donate one-off (e. g. natural disasters, war relief etc. Section One: Assets and Debt Retirement Balance (and how you got there) Never had one before my current employment (3yrs) – I wasnt educated about retirement, and when I knew about 401k, I was already leaving the US (luckily I was only there less than 2yrs, so hadn't wasted too much time. Im pretty sure I have some government-funded pension in some Nordic countries, Ill find out when I retire I guess…Currently ~9800 just from my contribution. I contribute ~9% salary sacrifice, company contributes ~20. Defined Benefit Scheme. I also contribute 1% extra to an investment portfolio managed by the pensions scheme – this used to be matched by my employer but is no longer the case (boo. Equity if you're a homeowner (and how much you put down and how you accumulated that payment) Own a small apartment by myself. Down-payment+legal fees 37, 300. I had to pay down at least 25% of the total property value due to my non-permanent residence status. 3000 from savings, about 13, 000 from old junior bank ‘bonds maturation and stocks sold, and the rest was a loan from my rtgage is for another 20 years at 1. 84% just renewed for tracker, no fees, LTV<60% after a long discussion with my mortgage advisor) still owe 90, 500. Will need to figure out what to do with partner, J, soon though. We dont live together, but hes planning to buy a forever home in 2020. Savings account balance. Regular savers account: 1110. 50 in regular savers account, I put in at least 100 a month (max 250. This matures yearly and pays 5% interest (interest calculated daily. Easy access account: 4241. 70 (1st year 5% interest for up to 2500, which will drop to 1% after first year) I keep in there for immediate emergency funds. Timed salary insurance account: USD30, 040 total invested (started 2015) which matures 2023, which should pay out lumpsum USD34, 000. Ive finally worked out that with all the time involved, return is only about 2. RARGH. Teaches me a valuable lesson of not being pushed to take out something on the spot because of sales/pressure (for those of you interested, the total invested was paid over 3 years, so 3 years paying in, wait 5 years, return. Please let me know if Ive actually miscalculated. This will be set aside to repay my parents and also to cover any of their potential expenditures. Stocks and Shares ISA: 2100, I put in 100 a month (they claim return is 3. 5. Shifting this to Vanguard soon. Easy-access cash ISA: 100 (1. This is my true emergency fund Ive set up last month. Will be transferring anything I dont spend on my grocery and fun budget to this every month. Stocks and shares: 7800 – Own some stocks in a couple of companies bought when I was younger and didnt know too much about index funds. Very passive, that account is just accumulating dividends without reinvesting (I know, I know…. All in a Nordic bank account. “Savings”: Im using quotation marks as Im not sure how to define this. My mom made me get a pseudo-health/life insurance-cum-savings account when I was younger. I contribute about 2700/year for 15yrs (until 2025) and Im covered for health/accidental death (up to 80, 000) until I die. I can choose to withdraw the money after 2030, and the later I withdraw the better the return. Ive no intentions of withdrawing earlier, and I might just leave this as an insurance policy. Happy to hear thoughts about this. Checking account balance: 900 for my normal everyday accounts. ~2500 in foreign accounts – I cant really do much with these accounts as some are linked to my insurance-cum-savings account bank. USD7974 in US bank account, leftover from my time in the US. I'll close down and transfer out to cover my weird savings/insurance account contributions (see above) as travel credit cards voided the argument of keeping a US bank account for US travels. Plus the interest rates are absolute shite. Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it. 1579. 80 Been working in a foreign country where things are cheap, so Im stocking up on stuff like shoes and clothes that will last me for at least a couple of years. Also bought gifts for my colleagues (and their children. Partner and I went travelling after my work is done, so we'd bought experience packages, which includes his birthday present of a behind-the-scenes zoo tour (106 for two. We also stayed with friends so we took them out for dinner and bought treats as a thank you. Just had a complete health check-up (290, half price courtesy of partners work) everything bar my weight ( sadface) came back super healthy. Just paid the Dropbox annual renewal fees (96. Using a 0. 5% cash-back credit card for most of this. Some of the previous balance which Ive already paid off will be reimbursed from work as theyre work expenses ( 650. Partner just paid me 150 for his share of expenses during travelling, so I will need to cough up ~720 before 27th January. I always pay off the entire balance every month. Student loan debt (for what degree) 0 for PhD in biological sciences – super lucky that my parents were firm believers of education and paid for my undergraduate degree. I was then awarded a full scholarship (4 years, covering tuition, lab consumables and a generous living stipend) for my PhD. Other debt: N/A Section Two: Income Main Job Monthly Take Home: 2199 per month after basic taxes, national insurance, and pensions. This goes up every year to adjust for inflation and experience ( 4. 5. but will hit a ceiling (around 5 years from now. I'm hoping to advance to the next level and get a grant in the next couple of years though. It's highly competitive, but fingers crossed. Miscellaneous: 25 per month from letting a friend stay the odd night in the spare bedroom. Monthly Expenses Mortgage: 550 (I overpay about 100) for my 2-bed flat. Council tax: 85 Ground tax: 20 TV License: 13 – probably will get off it as I dont actually own a TV (never had. Initially wanted to support the BBC, but seeing Ive been paying this for 3 years and watched probably only 2-3 programmes I might cancel it…might. Savings contribution: >100 to Regular savers, 100 to S&S ISA (automatic transfers) Debt payments: variable month to month, just clearing out whatever Ive put on my cashback credit card Electricity/Gas: 50 for electricity. I dont have gas (I miss proper cooking hobs. Dental insurance: 20 Home insurance: 22 Health Insurance: 250 (see above for weird insurance/savings account. This is variable as I do dip into it, which is not good. Water+bins: 31 WiFi: 18 (just switched to another provider through Quidco, not had the cashback yet which should be at least 25. Although theyre a lot cheaper than my previous provider they also blocked a free streaming site so I had to VPN out for that particular site, usually for watching The Simpsons. Property Management fees: 135 Cellphone: 15 Monthly Subscriptions Audible: 8 (love Audible. I used to read sooooooo much when I was a child, and stopped as I didnt have time to read a physical book…not anymore. Gym: 13 – got this super cheap as I was referred to physio and now entering the rehab phase. Starting in January. Newspaper: 2 Patreon: 5 (this is for an awesome podcast called “Fall of Civilizations”) Wikipedia: 1 Ocado delivery: 1. 49 (I love Russchian, which I could only find on …and its just easier to have deliveries when I dont own a car. Plus they have a price commitment to match with Tescos, and Honey actually locates good discount codes from time to time. Other Subscriptions Dropbox: 96 annual (paid December yearly. In my industry its best to keep track of all my work/data no matter how old they may be, and its just easier if I pay for the storage myself instead of worrying when I move institutions how to transfer from one company to another. Amazon Prime: 79 annual. Saved me a lot of trouble when it comes to lastminute presents with the Prime delivery! Plus the wardrobe function really helps when I dont particularly like shopping in the physical sense. Im trying to curtail my habit of browsing though…I do use Prime video quite often though. Contact lenses: 260 annual. I use Dailies and have a discount through work. Usually order every 6 months. Diary Day 1 – Friday 20/12/2019 6. 45am – Js alarm went off. Snooze. We didnt get home till 11. 30pm last night as we went to see the newest Star Wars film, so we both had issues getting up… 6. 55am – J got up, he had a morning meeting with his big boss. I decided to not get ready yet, so he can get out of the door in time. I spent about 30min clearing out memes and unwanted files on my phone to clear out some space. Had a huge mug of water to wake myself up. 7. 21am – I start getting ready for work, shower, etc. J made me coffee, I blow dry my hair whilst playing this silly game called “Zombie Castaways” on my iPad (well, its Js, but he doesnt use it so gifted it to me. I only ever use it for the game. I stole some vegan cheese (Js trying to be more environmentally friendly) and vegan cocktail sausages from his fridge for breakfast. 8. 14am – head to bus stop. I usually cycle but since we only got back from our travelling last week from Australia Ive been taking it easy due to the cold, wet, and jetlag. Got a week pass 2 days ago (16) does this count towards todays expenses? Anyway, bus was late (as usual, which is why I prefer cycling) but once I got on I used the time to catch up on WhatsApp messages and talk to my friends. Traffic is usually quite bad so it takes upwards of 45min-1hour to get from Js to work. Cycling wouldve only taken 30min, but I wouldnt have been able to catch up on messages. Got a message from a friend asking if J and I have any plans for the weekend. Hes going through a rough time (unexpected divorce) so we arranged to go see a movie (Jumanji 2) for Sunday. 9. 20am – finally at my desk! Filled up my water bottle (1L, I try to drink at least 2-3 of this every day just at work) and made another coffee. Dealt with a few work emails. Everyone is in a holiday mood so lots of non-work chatter going on, probably spent about 20minutes talking about Rise of Skywalker at some point…oops! 9. 45am – got an email saying I need to renew my scientific society membership (59. Paid on my credit card but this will be reimbursed by work, so not counting this as expenditure for today! Planned for experiments over the holidays, and went into the microscope room. 11. 45am – early lunch as I have electron microscope time with our expert. Brought in packed lunch which is stir fry beef and veggie rice noodles. Ate a couple of clementines that I brought in as well. Noon – Electron microscopy time! So different actually seeing the live process, just gives a better feel about what my samples are doing than simply looking at select few photos. Got some beautiful images which suggests my paper is one step closer to completion. Woop! Went into labs for some cell culture after. Helped my colleague sort his cells out as he needed to leave early today. We work really well with one another in this lab: 2. 50pm – hungry so snacked on some Stollen cookie, which I bought for the lab a couple of days ago. Still good. All the while read another Money Diaries on Reddit, and promptly got depressed (well, not quite depressed, but definitely questioning) about my life choices when I find out how much a pharma scientist earns in Raleigh…this is rectified by an email 15minutes later saying our paper is (finally) scheduled to be printed in one of the top journals in biological sciences in January. It had been a very long and arduous (and sometimes infuriating due to peoples behaviour) process, but its a great piece of work and were all very happy its done and dusted. Onto the next big thing! 4pm – everyone is pretty much gone for the holidays, so packing up myself too. My friend (R) is adamant of continuing his Christmas tradition of “going to the Spoons with my friends on the last Friday before Christmas, and stay there for at least 6 hours ordering through the app! ” (which, mind you, he never did with his Manchester friends as hes usually back in London, so Im not sure how we got roped into this LOL) so I headed to the Wetherspoons (bus pass. At least itll be a significantly cheaper night than going to other pubs/bars…! 4. 43pm – Debauchery starts! Well. It was just R and I initially. We managed to find a big table, and 20min in a lad came along and offered to swap tables for 20. We apologetically declined and told the others to hurry up. I had a burger and chips which was a deal (2. 60. not the best burger but it does the trick. Friends started arriving and the proper drinking starts. R persuaded me to try and prank another table by ordering peas to them through the app, but the peas never arrived (a wasted 55p . Someone bought a round of Spoons-version of Jaegerbombs, another bought a round of aftershock, and another Baileys…I decided to buy a round of Prosecco (only 23. 1 for a round of one mini bottle per person. which went down really well. We all chipped in for 4 lines of lottery (1. 25 per person) but didnt win anything (obviously. I ordered some more chicken wings for the table as well. It was a fun evening, but I was so exhausted that the Prosecco actually almost finished me off. J and I made a pact that we would leave together, as I know if I was left on my own Id end up staying out with my friends which meant earliest a 3am end. And I cant deal with that just yet… Spent: 39. 51 (holy moly maybe we should only go to Spoons from now on…) 11. 13pm – J got an Uber to go to his parents (he had a 7. 30am appointment the next day near theirs) and I tagged along to be dropped off at mine. As I was getting off the driver mustve had a brain crosswiring, as he started driving off with my foot still in the car and door still opened! I audibly said “what the fuck? ”, cleared out and turned around. The driver had this shocked look on his face and was very apologetic. I was fine so no harm done. Not sure what star rating J left the driver though. Total for the day: 39. 51 Day 2 – Saturday 21/12/2019 6am – woke up, head feels suspiciously ok, so grabbed some coconut water and went back to sleep. 45am – kinda got up, head still feels fine although I can tell my body is going “meh, tired! ”. Kept drinking that coconut water and checked my bank cards to survey the damage done last night. I must admit Im very impressed by the relatively low amount Id spent, despite all the food and drinks consumed! Also impressed that I was not actually hungover as well) Oddly I received a refund from Ocado 64. 85, my last order which was delivered a week ago after all the carrier bags returned (they give you 5p back for recycling the bags) was 60. 40, so I wonder if its them realising the overcharge and refunded me the full amount before taking the correct amount out again. So not touching that chunk of money for now! Amazon delivery claimed my parcel was handed to the resident, i. e. me, while I was out last night, so I had a “oh shit I cant believe they lied and took it/gave it to someone else” moment (this has happened before. Threw on a jumper over my pjs and went downstairs to check. Turned out they left it on top of the post box, so Im relieved. Its a lastminute present for Js mom that I bought 2 days ago, a nice Bayliss and Harding gift set, and replacement shower beads for the shower head (cant verify if it does make the water nicer, but they definitely increase the water strength. 25am – still in bed. Im doing all my online life admin from bed. I intend to maximise time in my bed. Did I tell you about my bed? Jokes aside, Im hoping to just have a lazy day today. For once Ive not got tons of stuff scheduled with others as its the holiday season. I dont spend enough time with my bed normally so Im rectifying this today. 10. 44am – Im hungry, so made some instant katsu curry rice noodles (I always crave salt the day after drinking) Noon – weekly skype with parents, again from bed. 1. 45pm – finished talking to parents and decided to do some food prep as the meat that was delivered last week is nearing their expiry date. Oops. I made celery and chicken stir fry, and some duck and pak choi stir fry. This will be my packed lunch/dinner this coming week whenever Im not eating out. Also pre-chopped up and froze stuff for a beef stew to be made in the New Year. 3. 07pm – Packed up all the food I made, and went back in bed (I wasnt joking about that bed comment lol) watched a couple of episodes of Amazons “The Boys”. Also responded to a couple of work emails. 4. 30pm – Finally got out and made the bed, started getting ready for this evening. Im meeting J at 6pm for dinner before going to a stand-up comedy show by Jack Whitehall. We bought the tickets maybe 5 months ago (I think price was 58 per person. Been looking forward to the show and its a bit surreal its finally here! 5. 30pm – Bus to city centre. Bus pass again. 6pm – met up with J, but everywhere in town is completely packed with people and tables arent available till 7. 30pm…! Shouldve known but the place we wanted to go couldnt be booked anyway. We wandered around for a while, thinking we might be able to get some Christmas market food, but the stalls were packing up as well! Finally found a Starbucks that wasnt very busy. We sat down and got drinks and food (vegan mac n cheese, chai latte for me; chicken salad, all-day breakfast bun, bottled water for him) J paid for it (18. We then walked to the venue. 30pm – got to the venue, and J is already hungry! So I queued and got us drinks (water and diet coke) and a big packet of crisps (Kettle chips. I paid for this. Spent: 8. 70 10. 20pm – What a show! Jack Whitehall was really funny, although the show was a little ruined by this lady whos sitting in front of us. Shes a very pretty and dressed up lady, whos clearly on a date night with her husband (I saw her phone screensaver which were them with a baby. Unfortunately, she got progressively drunk over the show, using her phone extensively and talking really loudly to her husband in the last 20min of the show (I could hear her saying “I want to go out and drink more after this! Lets go and have fun! ” etc., over Jacks voice. She also lolled her head around and banging it against Js knee a few times, and shrieked like a banshee at the finale of the show…as they were leaving we could see her husband needing to support her as shes walking up the steps, and she was shouting (happily though) at another stranger. He looked embarrassed. I feel sorry for her having wasted money on a show that she probably wont remember. We walked to the tram stop. I felt a bit hungry so we stopped by a Tescos Extra, I bought a pack of chicken drumsticks. Consumed 3 when we got home and left the other two for future J, as he wasnt hungry then. Spent: 3. 15 10. 59pm – Tried to buy a ticket on my tram app but couldnt for the life of me remember the cvv number of the card linked on there, and the app constantly crashed out on me when I tried to add another card. Thankfully J came to the rescue and bought me my ticket. Tried to pay him back but he wouldnt accept it. As we were on the tram ticket inspectors got on, so Im super glad I didnt decide to try my luck! Its quite funny to see a group of teenagers ran off the tram as soon as the inspectors got on. The girls behind me also had a panicked discussion (one of them had a ticket, the other didnt) and in the end the girl without the ticket pretended her app isnt working. Pretty sure the inspectors knew what was up, but they just made her use her debit card to touch-in at the next station, which was lucky for her. I remember once being fined 75 in a Nordic country because I didnt realise I had to have a separate ticket for my bike. The inspector was sympathetic (as it was clear I wasnt local) but firm about the fine. 55pm – Fell asleep as J tried to show me a “Star Wars Pitch Meeting” on YouTube. Ah well. Total for the day: 11. 85 Day 3 – Sunday 22/12/2019 6. 40am – Woke up without any alarm. My body is definitely getting back into a rhythm. J and I had an agreement to lie-in today, so I went back to sleep. 45am – Woke up again, downed a big glass of water to wake myself up. We just lied in bed chatting and reading stuff on internet (Reddit for me. 45am – Got up to get ready for work. I have about 30min at work today (to set up an experiment. J made me a coffee. 20am – Bus to work, buss pass! Caught up with WhatsApp messages again. Also listened to Audible (“Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch”. Noon – Got off bus stop, decided to stop by the Chinese supermarket to pick up some pantry staples thats finished. I was taken aback by the price of Shao Xing wine - 5. 99! Ah well. Spent: 18. 28 12. 15pm – Got to work. A colleague was also there, we chatted briefly and I got to work. 12. 55pm – Bus home. Bus pass! 1. 25pm – Lunch! Made some couscous to go with ¼ of the celery and chicken stir fry I made yesterday. Yum. 45pm – Got the bus to town, meeting J and my friend for Jumanji 2. J brought popcorn, chocolates and soft drinks from Tescos, so we dont pay extortionate amounts for the same stuff in the cinema. We didnt even need to hide the stuff, because apparently they are not allowed to take stuff off us. Spent: 4. 99 for ticket 5pm – Film finished, it was way more enjoyable than I thought! The two teenage boys sitting behind us were really excitable and kept a running commentary (e. “Whaaaaaaat? ” “Oh no way! ” “I know exactly where this is going! ”) which was quite funny, but also a little excessive at times. Anyway, I booked us a table at a Pho place for 5. 30pm so we wandered around. I wanted to find a small Christmas present for my best friend from home (M) whos visiting, and found a figurine at the Disney store. It was also on sale so perfect! I couldnt spend Christmas day with her so its like a little something for her to unwrap when Im not around ” Spent: 4. 90 5. 30pm – Pho time! We ordered a starter and salad to share between us, and each of us got either Pho or Rice bowls, and some sort of juice type drinks. We chatted and planned New Years Eve party together (were going to do a games night with a small group of people at Js place) and split the bill 3-way. Spent: 21 including tips 7. 20pm – Taking the bus home. Bus pass time again! 7. 45pm – put on some Gabriel Iglesias on Youtube, as I updated my Money Diaries. 9pm – a couple of work emails came through so dealt with that, and started my dishwasher. 15pm – after faffing around (mainly YoutTube clips of Stephen Colbert) finally fell asleep. I need to change this bad habit as I would like to wake up earlier to do some body-weight training, like I used to before the 2 months working overseas stint… Total for the day: 49. 17 Day 4 – Monday 23/12/2019 6. 45am – Alarm went off. I simply refused to get up as I was dreaming about resolving issues at work (which never happened before) so I felt exhausted. Snooze every 10min… 7. 55am – Switched on my SAD lamp to force myself to get up. Its so bright! I realise I definitely get affected by the sunlight (or lack thereof) so invested in a lamp last year. I actually have another one in the Nordic country I worked in, which I lent to a friend a couple of years ago. She was going through a very tough time with her PhD and was depressed, so I hope it had helped her. Drank 800ml water, checked my messages and dealt with a couple of work emails about the collaboration we had with the overseas lab. 30am – Got up to shower etc. listening to "Lore" podcast, and got ready for work. Received yet another email as I was blow-drying my hair that needs to be addressed. Gah. 45am – Made it onto the bus! I saw the bus coming down the road and made a run for the next stop (which was obvious I wouldnt be able to make it) and the driver was nice enough to stop just in front of me to let me on:D Bus pass again. 15am – Got into work. Have to say I was very tempted to get a coffee and tea cake (Northern term for raisin buns. I think. with butter, but remembered that the café is closed for holidays. At least I saved money! Made a coffee for myself and had a couple of kinder chocolates (I know this is despicable especially seeing Im trying to be healthy again. No one else was in yet, left a present for the PhD student in our lab – I found a super quirky and colourful shirt in my grandmothers wardrobe that the PhD student would love, so Im now gifting it to her. Not sure when she will be in though… 12. 40pm – lunch at desk! Made some couscous this morning to go with my celery and chicken stir-fry. Scrolled through Reddit and deleted a bunch of useless emails on my work account. 2. 10pm – received messages from my friends in London planning a get together with all their babies/children, so bought a return ticket for first week of January. Day trip to London to see all of them, including 3 babies/toddlers Ive not met yet! Bought tickets through Quidco and used my cashback card, so should save 1. 5% in total. Would like to bring presents for the babies/toddlers as well, but feel a little odd if I only bought things for the ones Ive never met. Probably will just do that though…any thoughts on this? Spent: 56. 50 2. 50pm – I caved, and went downstairs to get a packet of crisps from the vending machine. Im so weak-willed: Spent: 1 5. 10pm – Didnt quite realise the time as I was absorbed in my analysis. Decided to pack up and head home, as my last colleague in the office also finished his experiments and was leaving. Usually I like being the only person at work, but as it's the holidays it felt a bit different. 5. 20pm – Stopped by Co-Op. My colleague gave me the brilliant idea of getting a few scratch cards for J as part of his Christmas present. J loves scratch cards (Ive never ever bought them myself) and sometimes gets one just for fun. He calls it charity, I guess the Lotto does support charity work! Will be wrapping this up together with a 50p coin for scratching. Also got him a chocolate bar. Bus home using bus pass. Spent: 7. 50 6pm – got home and absolutely starving. Snacked on some rilettes I got from Christmas market a week ago. Made soup noodles with leftover pak choi from the stir fry, and added some frozen dumplings. Decided to crack open a bottle of Desperados as well – I know theyre supposed to be trashy but I really like them. Wrapped up presents and tidied up my flat so M can stay over in my single room. 8pm – Skype time with my friend who lives in the US! Havent spoken to him for ages, and I couldnt make it to his wedding back in September due to work: but it was great catching up, and hopefully Ill get to catch up with them when I go to a US conference 2020 or 2021… 10pm – Brush teeth, get ready for bed, etc. Total for the day: 65 Day 5 – Tuesday 24/12/2019 6. 45am – alarm went off. 15am – switch on SAD lamp, and drink my 800ml water to wake up. Put on "Family Ghosts" podcast on my speaker, shower, got ready. Also made couscous to go with my stir fry for lunch. M has arrived in Manchester and will be taking a nap before meeting me for afternoon tea. 20am – stopped by Co-op to get a box of Celebrations chocolates (2) for the security guards who are working over the holidays. I know them all by face, and sometimes have a quick chat with them. Also got some crisps for office (I dont want to pay 1 for just one single packet of crisps ever again. Im trying the Walkers Sprout-lover and Sprout-hater packs (2 for 12. Walked to bus station Spent: 4 9. 50am – got to work! 11. 30am – was hungry so heated up my packed lunch. Also had a bag of Brussel Sprouts crisps – theyre surprisingly nice, and actually does taste a little bit like Brussel Sprouts! Its mental. 15pm – had a bit of a mishap at work so had to go home to get changed. As I had to wash my tights and shorts (to make sure no chemical contamination – its overkill but Id rather be safe) I decided to take Uber home instead of walking to/from bus station in the cold with damp clothes. 12 2. 20pm – Walked to bus stop to go into town. Bus pass! I was on my way to meeting M to take her out on an afternoon tea experience with champagne. Its my treat for her to come and visit me during Christmas. Bought the voucher off Groupon last week, and it was 45 for two. 45pm – got ‘caught by one of the Mormon missionaries, and spent 10 minutes chatting to her. Im honestly intrigued to how their minds work, and wouldnt mind having an honest and open discussion with them about their faith, but I dont think thats what they would want… 3pm – Escaped the missionary (she knew I was meeting a friend for tea) and met with M. We managed to get seated 30min earlier, which was great. We got champagne and started on all the food thats laid out. The scones were scrumptious! 5. 28pm – M really wanted to have mulled wine, but the Christmas markets were gone, so we decided to just get them at the afternoon tea place. I paid for it as its my treat. She grudgingly accepted on the premise that she pays for our Uber rides (her job will cover most of her travels. Spent: 14. 30 6pm – We got Uber to Ms hotel to pack her bags for staying over. 6. 30pm – J texted to ask what we should do about dinner. Were still full but he wanted KFC, so he ordered a whole ton of food for himself (that boy can eat – hes thin, but he eats like a cow…. and added something like 4 pieces of chicken for us. His treat. 04pm – Uber-ed back to mine (M paid) chicken arrived literally 5min after we got to my flat. Im still in shock how much food J ate. He finished 3 packs of fries, a pack of popcorn chicken, 6 pieces of boneless fillets, and a big tub of gravy. Its like a methodical operation. He declared later that night hes not going to eat KFC ever again though. 8pm onwards – Board games time! I also cracked open a bottle of champagne Ive saved for the occasion, and we all had some Spanish honey rum, as well as Aussie whisky (quite harsh, not the best…. 30pm – Were all a bit tired so called it a night. Packed up the dishwasher and tidied up everything for the next day. Set the washing machine going as well. Total for the day: 25. 42 Day 6 – Wednesday 25/12/2019 9am – ITS CHRISTMAS. J and I exchanged our gifts in my room (polaroid camera bag for me, scratch cards and plush toys with sentimental values for him) and just chilled in bed watching clips and reading stuff. M was having a lie-in. 30am – I got ready and hung out the washing. J took his sweet time in the bathroom (I think it might be related to the KFC………) 11am – I lured M out of her room with the promise of good strong black coffee. I made her said coffee with my traditional Italian cafetiere. We all had breakfast (cereal and milk) and I gave M her present. She absolutely loved it, and did a whole photoshoot of the figurine once its assembled LOL. We all then just chilled in the living room. We also made a list of things she wanted to buy in the Boxing day sale tomorrow. 1pm – Js dad picked J and I up. M stayed to guard the fort. She will be joining us the next day for lunch. 30pm – got to Js parents place, and exchange gifts again. I gave his dad a bottle of rare spirits Ive got during our travels, and his mom a Bayliss and Harding gift set. They gave us a voucher for a spa day and afternoon tea, which was absolutely amazing. They also gave me a set of beauty products, a giant toblerone, and some polaroid films. I really feel very spoilt. Turned out J had another two presents for me – one is a really awesome t-shirt, and another one is a box of craft beers. Apparently, the beers w free (he had to pay postage only) through his work, so I feel less bad about not getting him more stuff. Although to be fair, I did buy tickets to tourist landmarks for him when we were travelling, which weve agreed is part of my Christmas presents to him. 32pm – we sat down to Christmas lunch. So. Much. Food. Courtesy of Marks and Sparks, but theyre so tasty! Red wine in abundance as well. Js mom wouldnt let me help, which makes me feel rather odd (I was brought up to help with anything an elder is doing) but I did help clear up the dishes at least! 4. 30pm – finally finished eating, and retired to the living room. We then begun the age-old tradition of vegetating in front of the TV watching Christmas telly. I messaged with a few friends, and played Zombie on the iPad while we watched The Chase bloopers. Ive also been thinking about presents, and wanted to get Js mom something different for next year. Looking into Pandora charms (she has a bracelet) and saw theyre on sale, so were probably gonna get a few in the next week, while the sale is on, for her birthday and Christmas. I tend to go gift shopping whenever there is a sale and I have an idea of what to get people. So my gift shopping is actually spaced throughout the year, rather than packed in the last month of the year. Ive already got Js dads next birthday present a while back as a result! 7pm – Christmas pudding time! So. Custard. I have to admit, I much prefer Christmas pudding to Christmas cake. 15pm – We decided to play some Trivial Pursuits. J and I as a team, and his parents as another team. Things got competitive (this is the ONE thing J gets incredibly competitive about) but we all had a great time. Js parents were up by 2, but we managed to catch up and win the game. There were some grumblings about not having a time limit to answers, but I would say we were all very spirited! 10. 30pm – Bed time! Total for the day: 0 Day 7 – Thursday 26/12/2019 10am – We only just woke up properly, as it was a restless night. Too much food and wine! Plus J was really excited about winning Trivial Pursuits (did I mention how competitive he is with that game? Hes usually really docile) so he was tossing and turning for quite a while. I saw some boxing day deals emails, one is a Groupon for cryolipo, and I was so tempted (100 for two areas) especially as I find my thigh areas really hard to reduce. J was aghast that I even considered it, as he thinks Im fine just as I am. But I mean, even his works health check people said I need to lose 8kg. 11am – Got dressed and came downstairs. Had coffee and I was kind of relieved to see Js mom still in her dressing gown, as it meant we werent too late! Its raining, typical Manchester. Js parents had booked an Italian restaurant for lunch, so we didnt have full breakfast. J gave me one of his Belvita biscuits, I also had a clementine. 2pm – We went and met M at the restaurant. The food was absolutely delicious, and Js parents were very generous to cover the whole bill, including Ms! It was about 35 per person I think. Im planning to have them over for dinner soon as a thank you (I did that once before – Im a pretty decent cook, although my kitchen is tiny. 48pm – We finished lunch, and M and I Uber-ed to town centre so we could do some boxing day shopping. She paid for Uber again. I didnt really intend to get anything, but I do like seeing bargains! 4. 53pm – M ticked off part of her list, and insisted in getting me a game Ive been eyeing up (originally 15 on Amazon, reduced to 5 in the shop. I was dismayed to find Wilcos had closed, but we found another (better) shop for M's doormat. I by chance saw a cute small humidifier which, after a quick check on Amazon, I decided to get; it was only Sunday when I thought how dried out I felt in the morning (having the heaters on at night. Spent: 10. 80 5. 15pm – Dropped in Aldis for some bottled water and milk (M finished it that morning. Spent: 1. 55 5. 30pm – We went over to Harvey Nichols, they have some sunglasses on sale and I was VERY tempted by a pair of Chloé sunglasses. Its 30% off but would still be over 200. I couldnt justify owning them as I dont need another pair, so I put them back. M was talking about finding a glamourous pair of sunglasses (i. branded) that she wouldnt mind losing, but she found nothing either. 6pm – We moved to Selfridges. M had to get some face primer from Armani, so we went to the counter. I never knew that Armani is famous for lipsticks and face powder (I always use MAC foundation, and lip stain from South Korea/Nooni lip oil/colour-changing lipbalm from lipice) and I picked up an unusual lip stain colour (for me) which is more plum than red. It looked really good, and was half price, so Im actually glad I got to try this! Spent: 15. 50 6. 30pm – We stopped at Marks and Spencers food hall (for the uninitiated/not-British…“Its not just food, its M&S food” is a real phenomenon. Christmas-related food were half-price or better despite the late expiry date, so we kinda went a little crazy. M even got Brussel Sprouts to take home with her tomorrow! I got Parma ham (which will be used for our NYE party) duck pâté, mushroom pâté, duck/venison/chicken liver parfait trio; these will last me a good while! I also got a seafood linguine ready meal (only 49p reduced from 4. 50. for dinner tonight. Spent: 13. 70 7. 20pm – We walked to the bus stop, and realised the bus is only running every half an hour due to holidays timing. As M still needed to pack her stuff and go back to her hotel from mine, I decided we should take an Uber. Im paying for this. Spent: 6. 68 (wouldve been 5. 20 between the two of us anyway) 8. 30pm – Waved M goodbye. I feel a little sad as it had been great having her on my turf. Weve been friends for 20 years and its just great having the chance to hang out with her for more than just a few hours a year, and chill with her without any big time-restraints. 9pm – Heated up the linguine and had it for dinner. Caught up with a few more friends on WhatsApp, and updated my money diaries as I put “Gourmet Makes” in the background. 50am – I think it must be all the festivities, Im still awake! Set the alarm for later, as no one else will be going to work tomorrow, so I dont have to worry about getting in early for space in the lab. Put on a tasty video just as white noise and switched the screen off my laptop. Total for the day: 48. 23 (Week breakdown and reflections in comments.


I have a wedding shaming story to tell. The wedding itself is bad, sure, but its the backstory thats the real crazy shit. Id like to share this story somewhere. Two engagements, one wedding, all the same man, within the span of a year and half. This is A LOT so read at your own risk. I also feel the need to say that during the beginning of this story, I myself was engaged. I had s ring and was planning my own wedding. Names and some details are changed to protect identities. Obviously any quotes are paraphrase. This is the story of Poor Rodrick Spring 2018: The Lie I used to work at a retail superstore. Late in the spring we got a new-hire, Poor Rodrick. (A nickname bequeathed unto him by my sister-in-law when I first started telling her the tales of this guy) Poor Rodrick and I worked in the same department. -What we learned about Poor Rodrick: Age: 19 -Personality: generally nice, nerdy & tech-oriented -Flaws: More than a little immature, tended to act like a know-it-all and CONSTANTLY referred to himself as a “playboy” and “flirt. ” - Related fact: Once told me he had “over 100 girlfriends during high school” - Romantic Status: Engaged The first thing Poor Rodrick ever told us about himself was that he had a fiancé. They had been High School sweethearts (after all those OTHER girls I guess. and were VERY in love. Theyd been engaged for a while (I dont remember how long) and were living together in her parents basement. He talked about her often, and always spoke highly of her. Nobody suspected any foul play. Then one Monday, about a month after he started, he seemed quieter than usual. My co-workers and I had started up the usual Monday conversations, asking people how their weekends were, what they did, blah blah blah. Poor Rodrick, who typically liked to discuss the latest movies he would see, or brag about the updates to his custom-built PC, was not talking at all, unusually focused on the file-work for our department. Poor Rodrick! ” I said, “How was your weekend? ” He stopped, looked up and gave all of us this weirdly guilty stare. Poor Rodrick: “Not great. my fiancé and I got into a fight. ” Me: “Oh no! That sucks! Are you two ok? ” Poor Rodrick: “Yeah, were fine, shes still pissed at me though. I asked him what happened, if he didnt mind sharing. And he said, “No, I should tell you all anyways. Its about the store. ” And we were all like. and then he told us. So, like most businesses created within this century, our retail store hired both men AND women. This shocking fact turned out to be quite the problem for Poor Rodrick. Poor Rodrick explained that ever since starting his new job he would often come home to his fiancé and talk about his work day. He would talk about what he did, what he was learning. and about his co-ed workplace associates. Well, anytime any name was brought up of the “not-male” persuasion the conversation would take a turn for the worse. Suddenly he was being grilled on who she was, what they did together and what did he think of her? But, always quick on his feet, Poor Rodrick had the solution! In order to protect his poor fiancés feelings and “not make her jealous, ” as he put it, he would confidently tell her not to worry, that this random woman co-worker meant absolutely nothing to him because: They werent pretty. Not that he didnt THINK they were pretty, or that he was dedicated and faithful to his fiancé, or literally any other RATIONAL excuse, no, this man had told his fiancé that EVERY female coworker that hed ever mentioned through casual conversation was, in fact, just super ugly. And somehow this had worked. Every. Time. But then, that weekend, she had come shopping. Poor Rodricks fiancé had innocently come to our store to get some groceries and the second she began to take notice of the staff, Poor Rodricks clever ruse fell to pieces. She was shocked and horrified when instead of seeing the store full of the hideous ogresses she has been promised, she was instead confronted mpletely normal looking women! Poor Rodrick was promptly chewed out for hours. Side note, I had actually witnessed this myself, though at the time I didnt know what exactly I was seeing. That Saturday I had noticed a customer standing with her cart in a far corner of our craft department, staring daggers at me and any other female wearing our work vest. I briefly thought that maybe she needed assistance, but after looking at the ferocity in her eyes I had quickly decided that I could not give her the help she needed. It was only later that I connected my experience with Poor Rodicks story. Anybody who worked with Poor Rodrick on a somewhat regular basis, myself included, were suddenly a little more concerned about the nature of his relationship. But nobody said anything, apart from one or two prodding questions like, “Shes kind of the jealous type, huh? ” or “Do your cover stories ALWAYS end that well? ” Almost said as jokes, but Poor Rodrick defended his womans honor to no end. “Shes not normally like that. ” “Shes the one who really gets me though, ” “I know I sometimes make her jealous because of how I am. ” Sometimes it felt like he was trying to convince himself more so than the rest of us. But he brought her up much less in casual conversation. Summer 2018: The New Cashier About 2 months later Poor Rodrick came to us with great news! His fiancé was looking for a new job! And she had just applied as a cashier! At OUR store! There was no doubt she would get hired. Our store had an infamously high turn-over rate. We all acted excited for his sake. She, well call her Cadence, got hired within the week. On Cadences very first day I ran into her. I immediately recognized her as the crazed woman from the craft aisle. I had decided almost immediately after Poor Rodricks announcement that if given the chance I would to properly introduce myself. I hoped that if I put in extra effort to be nice and get to know her, given her jealous tendencies, maybe she wouldnt register me as a threat. But I was being too hopeful. “Hi! My name is OP, youre Cadence, Poor Rodricks fiancé, right? ” She proceeded to look me up and down with the most vicious side-eye and said “Oh, youre one of the ones he talks about. ” I got out of there pretty fast. Threw something like a “nice to meet you see you around, ” and went back to work. I later learned that she gave a bunch of the other female coworkers that tried to talk to her similar greetings. What we learned about Cadence: Age: 22 Personality: Ha, just kidding she was terrible Flaws: Childish, jealous, very whiny, self absorbed and absolutely domineering over Poor Rodricks every move Related Fact: Also referred to Poor Rodrick as a “playboy” and would constantly complain about how she “had to keep an eye on him” otherwise hed “go wild. ” Cadences presence in the store got on everyones nerves, especially the members of my department. Over the time of her stay, Cadence slowly demanded more and more of Poor Rodricks time. Both on and off the clock. It started with breaks. Being a cashier, Cadences break schedule ran differently than that of our department, not to mention she and Poor Rodrick had radically different shifts. Regardless of this fact, Cadence insisted she and Poor Rodrick take their breaks “together. ” So, twice a day at the start of her break Cadence would sweep into our department like a hysterical whirlwind, screaming, “Wheres Rodrick? I texted him and told him were going on OUR break! Why didnt he text me back? Were going NOW! ” She would roll down our aisles, searching for her target, and the second she found him, Poor Rodrick was pulled away from us, sucked to her side at a dingy table in the back room. It didnt matter how busy we were, what project we were working on, or how annoyed our Department Manager was that Cadence was messing up our schedule, every time Cadence called for him, Poor Rodrick would simply give a defeated shrug and walk away. After that, it was their lunch breaks. As previously mentioned, Poor Rodrick and Cadences shifts usually started at different times, usually 3-4 hours apart. While Cadence could easily get away with stealing Poor Rodrick for her 15 minute breaks, it took much more effort to take him for an entire hour. Lunch breaks were usually are taken anywhere between 3 or 5 hours into someones shift, so the only way Cadence could force her and Poor Rodrick to be together was to convince managers to let one of them take their lunch either very, very, early or extremely late. It didnt really work out, though sometimes she could get little 10-20 minute overlaps. Poor Rodrick never outwardly complained when his lunch times were messed with, but would sheepishly ask whoever he was on shift with to take his lunch at weird times. During all of this I had only seen so much of Cadence. Other than brief moments in the back room or the few minutes of her daily visits to collect Poor Rodrick, I saw very little of her. I never saw how she acted while working, or what went on during those forced break times together. That changed about halfway through the Summer. Summer 2018 Part 2: Observations Halfway through the Summer Poor Rodrick and Cadence moved out of Cadences parents basement and got an apartment together. Before the move the two of them had come to work separately. They had one car between them, and I think whichever one was scheduled later would either get an Uber or get a ride from Cadences parents. After they got an apartment, however, suddenly they were paying rent. Money was too tight for Ubers, and I guess the free rides stopped. Cadence and Poor Rodrick started driving to work together. Poor Rodrick would start his shift and Cadence would wait it out in the break room until hers started. All this to say that my own lunch break began directly after Poor Rodrick clocked in, meaning that I suddenly had my whole lunch hour to observe Cadences behaviors away from Poor Rodrick. Occasionally I would sit down at her same table and attempt to chat, still trying to be nice in spite of everything. Her behaviors included: Constantly buying herself things from our store. She would open them up and show them off in the break room. She would then complain that Poor Rodrick was “so picky” about their finances -Listing the sins Poor Rodrick had committed the day before, always blaming her bad mood on whatever he had done -Once pulled out her and Poor Rodricks shared cooler that they brought to work and complained that he forgot to pack HER lunch -Once pulled out a laptop and complained that “Rodrick didnt charge it last night! ” I guess she was going to play games on it while she waited for her shift. -During conversations with me (and other female coworkers I later found out) she would say sketchy and suggestive things regarding our relationships with Poor Rodrick. Some of the things she said include: “It must be so nice for you, working with Rodrick all the time. ” “Wow, you like. Rodrick likes. too. We have nothing in common, unlike you two APPARENTLY. You must have so much to talk about! ” Side-note: This got on my nerves more than it probably should have. I would sometimes go out of my way to talk about my own fiancé and wedding planning, not to be mean or annoying, but to try to send as clear a message as possible, that message being: “I AM NOT TRYING TO STEAL YOUR MAN. ” Not usually an overly-affectionate texter, I started sending my husband-to-be lots of hearts and lovey-dovey gifs. “How many hearts should I send him this morning? 5 or 12. ” I would say to her when she got particularly pushy, “Gee I cant WAIT to MARRY him in the fall! ” These outbursts only did so much to shut her up, and my fiancé noticed and asked about the weird out-of-character texts. He thought it was pretty funny and definitely didnt mind the extra affection. -She LOVED those “Episode” apps on her phone, the ones that play out ridiculous and contrived drama stories. She was obsessed with the romance stories. The ones with cheating boyfriends/girlfriends or pregnant twins or whatever. She played these excessively -At some point, Poor Rodrick expressed an interest in health and losing weight. He changed up his diet, started working out at home, etc. and she was FURIOUS. She would constantly complain about his new eating habits, saying that he was “starving himself. ” (He told me he was trying portion control) She started buying unhealthy food from the store and would leave it in their shared cooler, hoping to tempt him into snacking, and then when that didnt work would just straight up shove food in his face, trying to get him to eat. Finally, Cadences schedule battle came to a head. She hated waiting for hours for her shift, and was tired of arguing over lunches. She told me one day that she had written in to HR to change her and Rodricks availability (or the hours they are available to be scheduled. She and Poor Rodrick would now be working the exact same shifts every day. And thats when things really went off the rails. Ill try not to go into too many details, but as far as the scheduling was concerned, everyone gave up. Poor Rodricks change of availability messed with our departments coverage. Cadence complained that her managers were trying to use her change in availability to give her less hours. During this time our store was going through a major change in management and we were losing lots of workers en masse. We all got taken out of our department to cover others. My lunches now, somehow, were overlapping with Poor Rodrick and Cadences, leaving basically no coverage for our department. It was definitely bizarre, seeing how Cadence acted when she was with Poor Rodrick. While away from Poor Rodrick, she would almost never shut up about him. But when they were together, she seemed to completely ignore him, or would just straight up insult him and act like whatever she said was funny. I assure you, it was not. I was invited by Poor Rodrick to eat lunch at their table, him and I were more or less friends. We chatted about movies, tv shows, typical nerd stuff. It was whatever, but Cadence made everything painful. She would be on her phone playing those drama apps while I ate lunch and Poor Rodrick and I talked. Poor Rodrick tried every now and again to bring Cadence into the conversation with a “What do you think honey? ” or “We just talked about that the other day, didnt we? ” This went over like a bucket of cold water. She would either not respond at all, or say something like, “You know I dont anything about that. ” And go right back to her phone. The look of defeat and embarrassment on Poor Rodricks face was nearly unbearable. The only other noteworthy event during this time was how Cadence liked to get attention from Poor Rodrick. See, while she was happy to ignore him and play her games, if she felt that HE wasnt paying attention to HER, she would become very upset. She was like a ticking time bomb, her fuse lit and burning down. She would glance over at him as he ate his lunch, watched videos on his phone or talking to other co-workers. Suddenly, she would explode at the table. Her whole body moved to cover his face with whatever game was on her phone. Cadence: “OoOoHHH! RoDrIcK! WhO ShOuLd wE KisS. ChAd or KeViN. ” Poor Rodrick: “Uuhhh, I dont know. Chad. ” Cadence: “UUUGHHHH. BuT RoDrIcK. wERe in LOoOoOovvvveee with KeViN. ” Fall 2018: The Breakup And then, IT HAPPENED. One night while I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook I saw a post from Poor Rodrick. It read: “Dear close friends and family, I thank all of you for the support youve given Cadence and I over the years, but I have a sad announcement to make. Cadence and I are calling off our engagement. We have grown apart and we realize we can should no longer be together. We apologize for the negative impact this might have on any of you, but we hope we can all continue to love each other through this time and remain amiable in the future. Thank you. ” I felt a HUGE sense of relief for this man. I clicked into the comment section to see what people were saying. Most of the comments were people I didnt know (friends and family I assumed) wishing them well, saying they were sorry, etc. And Poor Rodrick was responding back, saying thank you, sending love, etc. etc. But then Cadence showed up. She COMMENTED ON THIS POST: “Haha, dont worry everyone, Rodrick is just mad right now. Well be back together, youll see; ” Poor Rodrick posted back. “No, this is real. The decision is final. You need to accept this. ” Cadence posted AGAIN: “No, weve done this before. Everything is fine, well get back together like we always do. ” My jaw dropped, I was watching this unfold, live, Cadence insisting that “Rodrick is being dramatic, ” “Rodrick will change his mind tomorrow. ” On and on. And then other people started chiming in. They posted, telling Cadence off. They said that she was a child. They told her that they knew she would be like this. That she needed to accept that Poor Rodrick was breaking up with her and get over it. She didnt last very long. I think she rage quit once she got dog-piled. It was glorious. The next day at work Poor Rodrick looked exhausted. I hesitantly breached the subject. Poor Rodrick told me that the night before he and Cadence had a huge fight, more serious than their typical arguments. During this fight, he finally snapped and broke things off. Apparently hed been losing feelings for a long time, but had been too afraid to go through with it, sticking around for various reasons. They had broken up in the past, but it had never stuck. This time he was going to make sure it was for good. As far as a Cadence was concerned, she was still convinced that they were together. In fact, she refused to believe that they were really broken up for about a month. In the immediate aftermath of the Facebook announcement Poor Rodrick did his best to cut as many strings attaching himself to Cadence as possible. He stopped going on breaks with her, he stopped taking his lunches with her and he changed his availability back to what it was. He split his finances from her and set money aside to pay for Ubers to get separate rides to work. Despite all this, Cadence still wouldnt accept that he was gone. She still came back to our department almost every day asking for him, not for breaks like before, but just because she “needed to talk to him. ” Poor Rodrick, of course, did not want to see her, and frankly, neither did anyone else in our department. Commence Operation: “Anne Frank. ” We hid him under counters, we hid him behind aisles, we smuggled him to the back behind heavy palettes of strategically stacked boxes. Anytime she came knocking, Poor Rodrick was conveniently missing. It was one of the only (and best) team building exercises wed ever done. Unfortunately, there was only so much we could do to help our friend. If you remember, the two of them had been living together now for about two months. They had both signed a year long lease and neither had to cash to buy their way out of it. They were stuck together. So no matter how many ways Poor Rodrick tried to avoid Cadence, at the end of the day, she would be waiting for him at the apartment. Spring 2019: The Abuse Victim The winter was rather uneventful, or if there was something major, I missed it. I mentally checked out a little, per newlywed life. The only thing that you need to know is that eventually, Cadence did accept that she had been dumped. She stopped by our department less and less, until one day she stopped bothering us all together. After the long, miserable season in an apartment colder and more bitter than the subzero temperatures outside, the new year came around, and with it a Poor Rodrick with a new lease on life. It had been decided: Cadences parents had given her the money to break the lease early! Poor Rodrick would be keeping the apartment, and she would soon be gone! But actually not too soon, it was still going to be a couple of weeks. Now with the finish line in sight, all Poor Rodrick had to do was wait it out and avoid any parting drama from Cadence. That is not what happened. Poor Rodrick made a fatal error during the final weeks of his time with Cadence: He started celebrating a little too early. Poor Rodrick told us one day that after all his heartache and pain with Cadence, and after months of self-reflection and soul searching, that he finally felt ready to put himself back out on the dating market! Hed downloaded a dating app and started swiping. This move, while a good sign that he was starting to heal and move on with his life, had the unintentional side effect of re-awakening Cadences bitchy wrath. Not only did she start going out of her way to bother Poor Rodrick at work and at home again in a way she hadnt since their break up, but suddenly she was now dating again as well and would loudly talk about the men she was chatting with online. All of this lead to Poor Rodrick and Cadence having more frequent arguments than they ever did while together. Until one day, it all came to a head. I was in the back at my locker when Cadence came into work. Cadence: “HE BIT ME. ” Me: “Excuse me? ” Cadence:“Rodrick BIT ME last night! Look! ” She pulled up a sleeve and showed me her arm. Sure enough, she had a bite mark on her forearm. It was right below her wrist and curled around from behind the back of her hand to under her palm. It was distinct, red and puffy. I was speechless for a second, processing what I was seeing. Me: “What happened? ” Cadence: “RODRICK BIT ME! ” Now I feel the need to add that Cadence wasnt saying this with any mortified, concerned or scared tone. In fact, she sounded downright excited. She was smiling, like shed one the freaking lottery, waving her arm around in front me, like it was a prize or something. I was majorly creeped out that she didnt seem to be taking this seriously. Me: “Okay. WHY did he bite you? What happened? ” Cadence, very flippantly: “Oh, well probably because I was on his back. ” Me: “ Why were you on his back? ” Cadence: Because he took my phone. ” Me: “Why did he take your phone, Cadence? Cadence: “I dont know, he just takes stuff away from me sometimes! Its annoying! He wouldnt give it back! ” Me: “So. he took your phone, and you tackled him. By jumping on his back. ” Cadence: “Yeah. And then he bit me! ” I I was beyond horrified and had about a dozen questions reeling around my brain. He took her phone and she tackled him? And he bit her? Was their go-to solutions for minor problems theft and physical assault. No, it was more like toddler problem-solving logic, but was this normal for them? And she was waving around her injury at work so blatantly and. happily. I made sure to ask her if the bite had broken her skin, if she had bled at all, and she said no. That was good, other than just waiting for it to heal naturally, there was nothing to be done about the mark. At this point, I did something very dangerous: I gave Cadence some advice. I told her that: She and Poor Rodrick had been living as roommates for some time now. They were no longer together or engaged, and their property had long been separated (Which she agreed with. Poor Rodrick, therefore, had no right to anything that classified as her personal belongings. If he took something that was hers and wouldnt give it back, it was theft. Under no circumstances should she ever try to initiate a physical attack on Poor Rodrick for her belongings. He is larger and stronger. She will not win. In fact, she will get hurt. Domestic abuse is not a joke. Theft is not a joke. Assault is not a joke. Her life is not joke. If she feels that her belongings are being kept away from her by force, if she feels that her well being is threatened or she believes anyone who she is living with is dangerous and will hurt her, she should immediately get out and call the police. And then I said goodbye, good luck, and ran like hell. I wanted to get Poor Rodricks side of the story. And I also wanted to warn him that I had just advised his insane Ex to CALL THE COPS on him if something like this happened again. This was serious. Poor Rodrick told me a very similar story about what happened. He had gotten annoyed with her, it was in regards to something she was doing on her phone, he took her phone (bad move, he agreed) she jumped onto his back trying to get her phone from him. Poor Rodrick explained that when Cadence jumped onto his back, she wasnt piggy-backing from his shoulders, she had both hands clasped together and was hanging from his throat. He legitimately couldnt breathe. He was trying to tell her he couldnt breathe, but couldnt get much out because of the immense pressure on his trachea. He honestly thought he was going to pass out, and bit her out of desperation. Thats when she let go. Now, during this whole story, I havent given much in the way of physical description of Poor Rodrick and Cadence, and that has been on purpose. For one, to keep the anonymity, but secondly, Im not here to make fun of anybodys looks, body shame, or any of that racket. But for this part of the story, I find it necessary to give two details: Poor Rodrick was significantly taller than Cadence, meaning that when she was hanging off of him, her feet were nowhere near the floor. Her whole body weight was pulling against his throat and closing off his airway. (Think Westley wrestling Fezzik in The Princess Bride) Cadence, while short, was not small. When Poor Rodrick said that she was hanging off his throat, and he couldnt breathe and couldnt lift her off, I 100% believed him. I gleaned a little more information from Poor Rodrick about his home-life up until that point. Turns out, physical violence wasnt that uncommon. He said that she was the one hitting/tackling/ wrestling him. He was so much larger and stronger than her, after all, that he could and should just take it. I thought that given the story I just heard, they were both acting like children, needed help, and should stay as far away from each other as possible. I warned him about what I told Cadence, and that he better watch his ass for a variety of reasons, not the least which being, what did he think was going to happen if the cops got called on a domestic abuse case and they showed up to a woman with a highly visible injury on her person? Cadences tone towards Poor Rodrick became very different in the days after our talk. She started cornering anyone who would listen and would go on long rants, now referring to herself as a “Victim of Domestic Violence” She claimed that Poor Rodrick was toxic and that she was a survivor. She bragged at work about how she would spend her time off, not in her apartment where she lived, but in our towns local Abused Womens Shelter. In my opinion, all the more power to her for removing herself from the situation. When I asked Poor Rodrick what he thought about it, he said that he honestly didnt mind, was in full support, in fact. Anytime at home with her not in the apartment was a plus. Cadence spent her last weeks with Poor Rodrick, and then, she was gone. She did keep her job at our store a little while after she moved out, but apparently got serious with one of the guys she had been talking to (dating. online. From what she described, a blind guy who lived in a town about two hours away. She quit her job with us and moved to that town to be with him. Spring 2019 Part 2: The Rebound As a result of Cadence leaving, Poor Rodrick found himself in an all-too common situation for young people- He could barely afford rent anymore. An apartment whose cost was meant to be afforded between two people was now saddled on him alone. And two things happened at the same time: Poor Rodrick said he was looking for a roommate for financial reasons. Poor Rodrick started talking about his dating life again, moving forward from the sort of false-start hed had a few weeks prior. He was now able to set up and go on dates free of Cadences meddling and drama. Now, call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but I think that both of these factors played into what happened next: Poor Rodrick talks about a girl hes matched with, her name is Daisy. (Maybe like the second or third girl hes openly discussed at work since Cadence left. Theyre setting up their first date! Wow! Their date went so well! They have so much in common! Hes seeing her again soon! Wow, that second date went amazing! Cant believe how great she is! Everyone hes introduced her to says theyre so much alike and such a good couple! Geez, every time he sees her its like this instant connection! Theyve been seeing each other more and more, like every night. He thinks this might be for real, like she might be the one. -Great news! Daisys decided to move in with him! Isnt that great. Daisys all moved in now, and well, Poor Rodrick proposed! She said yes! From start to finish, this ordeal took all of a month, thats including the two or so other dates hed went on to start. I think that was just enough time for Poor Rodrick not to suffer too much of a loss on his rent bills. Now, Poor Rodrick and Cadence had been engaged a while, at least a year, with no wedding planning to speak of. Thats fine, Id just assumed that Poor Rodrick wasnt the type ready for marriage, at least not marriage with Cadence. So I was surprised when soon after, spurred by their love, Poor Rodrick and Daisy sent out wedding invitations. I wont post the YouTube video here (yes, it was a video, not a card) but I will describe it: It was a JibJab. Plain and simple. For those of you who dont know what a jibjab is, just imagine pictures of Poor Rodricks and Daisys faces slapped onto the bodies of dancers in various music videos. The most memorable snippet was Poor Rodricks unmoving face and distant eyes attached to Rick Astleys body, serenading Daisy with “Never Gonna Give You Up. ” Throughout the entire video was a block of text at the bottom advertising the details of the wedding. It would be held on a summer afternoon at a local park. I met Daisy exactly once prior to the wedding. she came shopping at our store for cloth material because she would be making her wedding dress. She seemed genuinely nice. Not much else to say, she was nerdy, quirky, not outwardly malicious or overly strange. To be fair, there have been weddings under stranger circumstances. I said a prayer that, despite the odds, despite the circumstances and all the red flags, that this would genuinely work out, for both their sakes. Summer 2019: The Wedding The day of the wedding came and I had decided to go. About an hour prior to the ceremony, I received a text from Poor Rodrick. There had been a venue change. The park they had originally planned to go to had a big town-funded event happening at it that day. Nobody, not the bride, groom, or anyone involved, had bothered to check this parks availability prior to that day. They had literally found out just then, when theyd shown up to decorate. They would instead be getting married at a different, smaller, park close by. I showed up about 15 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. They had “set up” under the public pavilion. I say “set up” because the decorations consisted of about 6 bundles of balloons taped in the rafters and some plastic table cloths, enough for half of all the tables present. The picnic tables were arranged on either side of the pavilion, lengthwise, creating a aisle between them. I feel the need to point out that when I say the plastic table cloths covered half of the tables present, you might imagine them covering the sides equally, until they ran out. No, literally the left row of picnic tables was completely covered and the right row was completely bare. There was also a table placed at the end of the aisle ( I think it was meant to be a make-shift altar) with presents and a bright, oddly colored bouquet as the centerpiece. Daisy was there, along with some of her family members, having someone take pictures with an iPhone. Despite plenty of seating for the very few people present, there were one or two lawn chairs set up in the aisle anyway. I saw someone I knew from work (lets call her Sarah) in the back corner of the undecorated side of the pavilion. I sat with her and talked until the ceremony began. She was better friends with Poor Rodrick and Daisy then I and had apparently tried to help with planning the wedding. She filled me in on some bizarre details of the event. And from here on out, to keep this part somewhat brief, Im going to bullet point it out: Sarah had asked Daisy literally the day before if she had a bouquet. Daisy said no. Sarah asked if Daisy wanted one. Daisy said yes. Sarah and Daisy had spent a good couple hours the day before throwing together a quick bouquet. Daisy had picked the colors. However, literally minutes before, some of Daisys family members had come with a bundle of freshly-picked flowers from a field for Daisys bouquet. They werent trimmed or tied together or anything. So Daisy was walking around holding a bunch of flowers with a bunch of roots sticking out the bottom and the fake flowers theyd spent the day before putting together were now the centerpiece for the altar instead. Sarah had tried to get Daisy to change into her wedding dress at her house before they came to the park, but Daisy had insisted on changing in the public park bathroom after arriving instead. Sarah had done Daisys hair. Sarah is not a hair stylist. This went about as well as youd expect. Poor Rodrick wasnt there (ceremony was supposed to start in like 10 minutes) because he was picking up pizzas for afterwards. Later, after he did show up, and after he had changed from shorts and a tank top to a suit in the park restroom, Sarah had to convince him to put the tank top back on because his dress shirt was completely see-through and we could all see his chest. Daisys mother was the officiant at the wedding. Daisys mother was wearing all black, head to toe, black sunglasses, and a blue head-scarf. She looked like Yubaba from Spirited Away when she turns into that bird thing, all bundled up, in black, except add sunglasses and a head scarf. Reminding you, it was a hot summer day. Also, for the rest of the story I will refer to her as Yubaba. Poor Rodrick set up a tripod in the corner with a phone on it to record the ceremony. There was a speaker thrown up in the rafters for music. Someone had to remind Poor Rodrick that hed left the rings in his rides car before the ceremony The ceremony started about half an hour late. While everyone was getting ready, all except one of the balloon bundles had come loose and started blowing away. A few had popped on the grass. There was an attempt to re-tape the survivors, but it was windy and this idea was quickly abandoned. The ceremony started with Yubaba walking down the aisle, then Poor Rodrick walking down the aisle, then Daisy walking down the aisle. When Yubaba asked “Who gives this woman away? ” it wasnt to anyone specifically, since Daisy had walked herself down the aisle. This was stated as a legitimate question posed to the audience. We all sat in silence for a good 10 seconds until Daisy pointed to some guy (I assume family) and was all, “Thats you! ” He looked completely baffled. He got up at Yubabas coaxing, “Come stand up here! ” and was instructed to take Daisys outstretched hand and place it in Rodricks hand, about 3 inches away. After which he was told to sit back down. Yubaba read the wrong verses from her bible to start. She started reading the wrong verse, got a full paragraph in, stopped, said, “Oh, thats not right, ” licked her fingers, then very slowly flipped the pages back. She eventually found the right verse, and then started again as if nothing had happened. We all sat in silence and just watched. Yubaba “anointed” Poor Rodrick and Daisy with oil. And by anointed I mean straight dumped a whole bottle of the stuff between their hair, shoulders and the ground. There was no planned ring-bearer. Poor Rodrick chose a nearby 12 year-old family member, whos suit jacket was at least 3 sizes too big for him by the way, poor kid, and just said, “You want to be ring bearer? Here. Stand there. There you go. ” And this kid stood for the duration of the ceremony right next to Poor Rodrick, with one ring in each hand, arms outstretched, palms up, elbows bent, in this weird shrugging position, but almost looking reverent, like the rings were holy. But nobody told him to stop, or let him know he had the option to just hold them, like a normal human being, so he did this until they were taken. At the end they smashed a glass bottle. Poor Rodrick smashed it on the ground with his foot. Yubaba said this was meant to symbolize smashing the old and starting new beginnings, but I thought breaking the glass was a Jewish thing. Idk, correct me if Im wrong I guess. I left the small gift I got gotten them on a table and immediately left after the ceremony. Id seen enough. Epilogue: Id like to say this is the end of this long, ridiculous story. It is definitely is for the wedding shame part of it. But there was an aftermath some might interested in. Poor Rodrick and Daisys marriage lasted two months. They separated a long time ago and as of posting this I dont know if theyve officially completed the divorce process. Poor Rodricks Facebook feed is a complete train wreck. He moves between girlfriends faster than any person Ive ever seen. Im talking some “relationships” that last two days. Hell post lots of photos of him sucking face with some girl, change his profile picture, change his status, post lots of shit about how great she is, and then after a week change his profile picture back to just him and change his status back to single. Wash, rinse, repeat. And nothing gets deleted, so scrolling back through his timeline even two weeks is like visiting a graveyard of past relationships, plus a wedding in there somewhere. Cadence eventually moved towns again and her Facebook claims shes single. I can only assume it didnt work out with whomever she was chasing. Poor Rodrick eventually left the store himself. Im not sure where he is anymore. TL;DR: Teenager with shitty fiancé finally works up nerve to break up with her. Meets, moves in with, and gets engaged to another chick within a month. Has trashy wedding. Gets divorced after two months. Edit: Thank you everyone for your kindness in the comments! I got a silver, thank you kind stranger! This is my first and only reddit post, so Im unsure of a lot of the etiquette around here. Im just glad people liked it, and yeah, like I said, its LONG. But I tried to make it worth the read.
Started January 18, 2019 Watched April 8, 10, 12, 2019 Your Name April 8 TMDb Synopsis; High schoolers Mitsuha and Taki are complete strangers living separate lives. But one night, they suddenly switch places. Mitsuha wakes up in Takis body, and he in hers. This bizarre occurrence continues to happen randomly, and the two must adjust their lives around each other. Im not someone who has seen a lot of East Asian animation. Ive seen a few bits and pieces of Anime series, and Ive watched a fair amount of the Studio Ghibli films. Your Name was not really on my radar until the plot was vaguely mentioned in a conversation I was having online. That lead me to look into reviews and then finally watching. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I like great uses of colour in films, so I have a pretty enjoyable time with animated movies on average. There are a lot of beautiful moments in this film visually and from a purely narrative perspective. The film is a fantastical love story that crosses the bounds of space and time. Every emotional note hits home; the writers knew how to write hope and despair while balancing them evenly throughout the film. I would recommend to anyone who loves a good love story and who hasnt explored much East Asian animation before. Mean Girls April 8 TMDb Synopsis; Cady Heron is a hit with The Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new school, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of alpha Plastic Regina George. As a teenager in high school, I probably heard every line in this film referenced by many girls at my school. Being a teenage boy, I figured this thing they are referencing must be stupid. I must now admit, in hindsight, I was wrong. I enjoyed Mean Girls, there isn't a whole lot of emotional depth, but I honestly didn't mind. The themes of confidence and belonging are meaningful, but you don't have to dissect much to find those themes. Tina Fey nailed a bitter love letter to the high school experience, of course, with a heavy emphasis on the female experience. I don't think there's a single person who had any highschool experience that couldn't connect with some aspect of the film. Lindsay Lohan isn't flawless, but there's something about her performance that solidified the whole story. I am interested to see how long the memory of this movie lasts. I would recommend to anyone in the 16-24 age range. I feel like you'll find some way to connect to this one. Howl's Moving Castle April 10 TMDb Synopsis; When Sophie, a shy young woman, is cursed with an old body by a spiteful witch, her only chance of breaking the spell lies with a self-indulgent yet insecure young wizard and his companions in his legged, walking castle. This may be my new favourite Ghibli movie. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this magical adventure. There's so much to love in the visual elements alone. Every character pops off the screen and has such an exciting and dynamic personality. I definitely need to give this film another watch because I forget some of the more subtle story details. Howl's Moving Castle is a bit of a slow burn in comparison to some of the other Ghibli films. The run time is well worth it to take some time to enjoy the gorgeous artwork on display. It's hard to compete with other films from this powerhouse of a studio, especially when some of those other films are much more ingrained in western pop culture. Howl's Moving Castle has a ton of heart and has a lot to do with the idea of being an outcast of sorts, which is poetic when considering how the film is perceived. This film is thematically dense like many of the other Ghibli films, so I won't get into the weeds on that. I would recommend to anyone who has seen those flagship titles from Miyazaki and his team and explore something a little different. The Shape of Water April 12 TMDb Synopsis; An other-worldly story, set against the backdrop of Cold War era America circa 1962, where a mute janitor working at a lab falls in love with an amphibious man being held captive there and devises a plan to help him escape. Guillermo del Toro is a master when it comes to creature effects. What this movie lacks in depth, it makes up for in visuals. So much of the world, the film takes place in is so strikingly designed. The story is still really enduring and heartfelt, but it's pretty fluffy romantic stuff. The setup for the film is really interesting and Octavia Spencer is fun as a foil for the main character. Another thing I find Guillermo good at is his 2nd act's. A lot of other films with a similar love story premise would start to drag in the 2nd act as the lovers are blossoming into their relationship. In The Shape of Water there's something incredibly beautiful about watching these two characters come to understand each other in an incredibly meaningful way. If you think a love story between a human woman and a fish monster would be weird you would be right. A strength of the film is embracing the oddity. There's never a moment between the unlikely pair that isn't a little strange, but none of that matters. Their emotions translate effortlessly through the screen and remind us that love truly has no boundaries. I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of makeup effects and anyone who avoided this movie based on its premise.
Retirement balance: 0 in a 401(k. In my old job, I was focused on funneling money into my emergency fund and Roth IRA, and the options were awful so I didnt start a 401k. With my new job, starting in January 15% of each paycheck will go into the 401(k) with no company match. They are changing companies for the 403b in December, and I want to funnel a lot of money into my big ticket item fund first, and pay for my couch. 7, 500 in a Roth IRA (fully funded for the year. Next year I will divert savings until the Roth is fully funded. Emergency Fund Balance: 14, 000 Big Ticket Item + Travel/Fun Fund Accounts: 2500-3000 minimum per month (just created these accounts. All of my savings before were filtered into emergency fund (I unfortunately had a couple of emergencies this year so I had to re-top it. The total is 6 months worth of expenses. Credit card debt: 0 • I pay in full every month Student loan debt: 0 • I studied Social Work at a private university. I received a full-tuition merit scholarship and am extremely grateful for it. My rent/living expenses were paid with a combination of outside scholarships my first year, multiple jobs (I generally worked between 2-3 jobs at a time during school) and my parents. Income Main Job Monthly Take Home: 2, 048 every two weeks. • My primary salary has changed a lot in the past year. Last Fall I got a job making 55, 000. At the beginning of 2019, NYC law changed and my salary received an increase to 60, 000. In July I officially received a promotion I had fought hard for, and my salary went up to 70, 000. After a lot of debate, however, I ended up taking another job in mid-September which I started today (mid-October. This new job pays 92, 000, but I will be contributing fully to my 403b, so my take home will roughly be the same. This take home reflects what it will be starting in January. Without the 403b decrease, each paycheck is 2, 747. Side Hustle: Im a fitness instructor part-time so this income varies (based on how much I teach/work. I estimate 25, 000 take home this year. I started this job in May. At my peak I was teaching 20-25 classes a week but Ive since slowed down a ton, and now teach 7-10 on average. Expenses Rent: 1, 795/month • I live in a 1BR/1BA alone. I had a toxic roommate situation in an apartment that was nicer (and cheaper) but was much further away from my jobs, and was more strenuous on my life overall. Im very happy to live alone. Renters insurance: 130 for the year Chase Sapphire Preferred fee: 95 for the year Electric and gas: 60-100 (I havent experienced a winter here yet but I would assume it could go up to 100. Wi-Fi: 42. 50 for my share Cellphone: 75 • I pay my parents to be on the family plan. They switched to Verizon a little over a year ago at my insistence (our other provider was awful) and they only got unlimited data for my benefit, so Im definitely being undercharged. Spotify Premium: 11 per month Netflix: Parents plan Hulu: Paused this subscription when the Handmaids Tale ended Day 1: 6:00 AM: Wake up and lounge in bed for the next hour. I got back from Toronto last night and had an awful migraine, so I passed out around midnight as soon as I got home. I drift in and out of sleep for the next few hours. 8:10 AM: Wake up and still have a slight migraine. I drink water and organize my room. Today is my first day of my new job – a full-time remote position. I feel good about the switch I made, but it will be interesting to make this transition. My last day at my old job was last Friday (it is now Wednesday) so I took the few days in between to eat my way through Toronto. 8:30 AM: I shower, get dressed, and brush my teeth. I start to look through the onboarding documents that my manager sent over last night. 9:00 AM: The workday officially begins! I work in project management, and my new company is based in the Midwest, so their day doesnt start yet, however my schedule is on East Coast time. I receive a ton of greetings on Slack from those up early in the Midwest, and my East Coast counterparts. 11:00 AM: I have a virtual meeting with one of my colleagues. Hes extremely helpful, and Im able to sort through a few technical questions. Being a few hours ahead means that I was able to do a lot of stuff on my own this morning, which Im grateful for. Although I only graduated a few years ago, all of my positions have been largely self-directed. I was given a great deal of autonomy particularly in my last position (I was the only person in my location, and I largely controlled my schedule, who I met with, where I went, etc. My new organization is larger and definitely has more structure, but since Im a full-time remote person, there is a great deal of trust that has to be given at the outset. 11:30 AM: I go to a local cookie shop and get a dark chocolate peanut butter cookie (3. 81. On my way back I also get Advil from CVS (4. 99) and groceries. I buy Spinach Riccotta pasta, honey, 20. 12:00 PM: I chat with my manager! She seems very easy to speak to. The conversation is mostly her providing updates on the company, and changes that have occurred since I interviewed. 5:00 PM: More meetings and onboarding documents. Ive been told that there isnt an expectation that people work past 5 PM their time, but since its my first day I dont want to log off early. I stay online until 5:20 and then head out for a panel at NYU Law School. 6:00 PM: I arrive at the panel and there is FOOD! I grab falafel, pita, salad, hummus, and water. This panel is on Rodney Reed, a Black man who is scheduled to be executed on November 20, in Texas. In 1996, he was accused of killing a white woman, Stacey Stites, who (to his own admission, which was corroborated by witnesses) he was in a secret relationship with. She was also dating a white cop at the time. All of the evidence points to corruption, and that her boyfriend/the police officer killed her. The medical examiner in that case has come forward and said that the time frame he estimated she was killed was solely based on the word of the local police and Stites boyfriend. DNA testing has NEVER been done, and the Texas courts continue to deny requests for DNA testing. Reeds legal team has been fighting this battle for 20 years, and after the courts sat on a decision for 4 of those years, this summer they returned with a verdict that the appeal was denied, and his execution date was set for November. Stites family believes that she was killed by her boyfriend at the time (this man was also convicted years after for sexually abusing women he detained) and that it was covered up by local police forces and government officials due to small town politics. I leave the panel having signed up for more information from the Reed Justice Initiative, and the Innocence Project. I also reach out to a few contacts I have to see if they have heard about it, and how we can press forward. 8:10 PM: The panel ends, and I go to work out. I am a fitness instructor part-time, so when I go to classes at my studio they are free. 9:30 PM: Class is over! I head out into the rain to go home. 9:35 PM: This subway station is closed  I head to the next one 10 blocks away. 9:45 PM: Okay, what the hell. This station is also closed, but nothing on Google Maps or the Subway Tracker says so. The attendant says I need to go the 6 or the 1 train, but I need a completely different line out of Manhattan. She says the train is running 7 blocks up. 9:52 PM: MTA please get your life together. As soon as I walk in, I see an attendant red-taping the platform. There are only 3 train lines running (out of 8) at this station, none of which get me where I need to go, or near it. Instead of Ubering, I get on the F, and then take the bus. 11:00 PM: Finally home. I make the pasta I bought today, take of all of my clothes and decide to clean tomorrow. I call my grandmother as I cook. 11:30 PM: I call my mom. Shes now retired and is usually up late. My niece is with her, and we laugh as my niece (who is 3) uses my presence on the phone as an excuse to not go to sleep. My mom says shes too elderly for this and that my sister and I were much easier to put to bed. 12:30 AM: I go to sleep with Hocus Pocus playing in the background. TOTAL: 29. 61 Day 2: 8:00 AM: In an ideal world, I would have gone to workout this morning. Instead I languish in the fact that I didnt have to set an alarm. Some weeks, I teach early classes every morning and it shows. When I only teach the classes that I have to (and dont sub) I get to be lazy and sleep in (read: not have to wake up between 3 and 4 AM, to teach at 5 AM. Add in working from home now, and I dont know how to act. 9:00 AM: Get online and start pushing through onboarding docs. I make notes of my questions and follow ups in a separate document, and look at tools to organize me. 3:00 PM: I finally buy a couch. I didnt start really living in this apartment until September because I was always at one of my jobs (70+ hour weeks) traveling for work, or volunteering. My door frame is extremely small, so I finally find one that will clear the frame. I purchase from Home Reserve (where they ship the couch in small boxes so I can build it myself… this will be interesting. They put a holding charge on my card (1, 121. Oh the joys of living in NYC. In the midst of this, I buy two specialty cookies (7. 68) 6:20 PM: Meet up with a client from my old job! Ive been gone less than a week, but it will be good to see her. My last position was extremely client-facing and I became closer to them than many of the people at my own company. I arrive to find the client I was supposed to meet with has invited others as a post-going away party for me. 9:00 PM: One of my clients has a habit of ordering rounds for the table (and often, I dont hear her do it. Last time I tried to push back and it didnt work – and after 4 (very strong) drinks I ended up still drunk the next morning. Therefore, when I hear her order a third round I go back and forth with her and the waiter to not bring one for me. The waiter ends up bringing it anyway, and I push it off to the rest of the table, since I have to teach early tomorrow morning. As a going away present, they cover the bill. 9:30 PM: I am hungry so I order tofu Pad thai, stick rice, and spring rolls, and pick up the order down the block. I include a 3 tip. (21. 91) 9:45 PM: I get home, eat my food, and try to go to sleep. 59 Day 3: 3:30 AM: Wake up before my alarm. Not time yet, so I try to go back to sleep, anxious that Ill oversleep. 5:10 AM: Wake up for real this time. I was petrified Id oversleep/not hear my alarm (this anxiety repeats itself any time I have an early class, regardless of circumstance) so I play it cautiously, not really letting my body go back to sleep. I get dressed, wash my face/brush my teeth, and pack an overnight bag to go to my parents house. I run to the subway when I realize that Im cutting it close. I make it onto the train with roughly 25 seconds to spare. 5:55 AM: Get off in Manhattan and walk to the fitness studio. I love Manhattan in the mornings when there isnt as much foot traffic. 6:03 AM: Walk into my studio and start setting up for class. The front desk staff and one of my regulars come in early and we chat. I start my class at 6:30, and then teach a second at 7:30. 8:30 AM: Done! The second class was fun – a couple of new people, many regulars, and two other instructors took it. 8:45 AM: Im hungry and before I go to my parents house I want to eat (Im a vegetarian, and most of the food in their house is meat-based. I made the mistake of not bringing food as I rushed this morning, so I buy cauliflower crust basil pizza and a cookie (10. 34) 9:00 AM: I answer a few slack messages, check my email, and head to the train. I purchase a train ticket to Westchester (11. 75) 9:43 AM: While commuting, I work on my laptop during the 45-minute ride. I see that I got paid from my fitness job (two weeks) so I deposit my check into my Roth IRA (2, 155. Due to my income changes throughout the year, I still qualify to contribute to a Roth. I have 400 in cash that I will put toward the couch, as well as money in my checking that will cover the rest (in anticipation of my original couch purchase which was the same cost. 10:30 AM: I arrive in my hometown and my mom picks me up at the train station. 6:00 PM: Well, that was a bust. I originally came to assist my mom with setting up an app for wireless cameras that were being installed. She didnt realize that an electrician needed to be called beforehand, so the digital security company will come back another day. I finish up meetings, and log off for the day. 7:30 PM: Im hungry and theres little food in the house that isnt meat. I go to McDonalds and a local pizza place (next door to each other, dont roast me) and get a slice of cheese pizza, medium French fries, and a hot fudge sundae (8. 65. 10:00 PM: Watch a movie as I chat with D. We met a little over two months ago, and have been on a couple of dates since then. Hes currently visiting his home country in Europe. Im still deciding how I feel about him. I guess this would be a good time to mention that I am polyamorous – even as a kid, I never understood the idea of being with one person for the rest of my life. As an adult, I believe that love isnt finite, and I have a ton of room in my life for different types of love, romantic or otherwise – and I want the same for my partners. I have a host of friends who disagree with me on this, but it works for me. Im always upfront with the people I date about this (its also listed in all of my dating profiles. The interesting thing about D is the age difference – hes almost double my age at 45 (and is extremely attractive. Full disclosure – my age range on dating apps is set fairly wide because I want to see whats out there. We chatted for a while and when we met I had to ask him why his age range was set to include someone so young. Some of my friends call my style “too forward” but I had to know – some men (in my experience) like younger women because of a perceived power dynamic. Ive (both casually and seriously) dated older men in the past, and have had nothing but positive experiences – so I hoped that would be the case with D. Tonight we speak of the best cocktails in his home city, which leads to a discussion about drinking cultures in different places weve lived. Soon after, I pass out for the night. TOTAL: 30. 74 Day 4: 8:00 AM: Wake up and go for a run. 8:45 AM: Short run, but I have to get ready to teach. I shower, get dressed, say goodbye to my parents, and get on the train back to the city (11. 25. 10:30 AM: Once I arrive at Grand Central, I get a subway ride to my studio. 11:00 AM: Arrive at the studio, chat with a few regulars that stroll in, and wait for the previous class to end so we can use the studio. 2:30 PM: And Im done! The first two classes were super strong, and the last class had a lot of new people which was also fun. I get on the subway and head home, determined to take a nap. 10:00 PM: After being in bed half of the day, I get a burst of energy and decide to be semi-productive. I go to the grocery store and get lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, tortillas, pasta, taco seasoning, cheese, meatless crumbles, and an apple pie (34. 20. once I get back home, I put the apple pie in the oven, and start to prepare tacos. Im not the best cook, but Im trying to get better, and since Im working from home full time I dont have an excuse to not cook more often. There was a time when my schedule was so busy and I ate out for almost every meal. Ive come a long way since then but still have so far to go. 12:00 AM: The pie is finished and so is the food! I eat, and look up train schedules for the morning, and Im headed to Conneticut to meet with a former coworker. 12:50 AM: Head to bed. TOTAL: 45. 45 Day 5: 8:00 AM: Wake up and check the weather. Its going to rain later on, so I pack my umbrella and coordinate with my coworker. 10:00 AM: Leave for CT! Stamford is accessible by train for me, and about 30 min away for her (shes driving. I take a local bus to Harlem, and then buy a ticket at the train station (11. 50. 11:30 AM: My friend and I find each other and catch up! We havent seen each other since she resigned at the end of August. Our former company wasnt the best for her mental health (and mine either, frankly) and Im extremely relieved to hear shes thriving. We head to a nearby diner that came recommended by her family member, and theres a 20-minute wait. I tell her about all of the drama that occurred after I resigned, and she fills me in on things shes heard since my departure. Once we sit, I try to be healthy and order an omelette with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. She gets a short stack of pancakes and coffee. She quit our former job without having another lined up because it had gotten to be too toxic, and moved in with her parents again, but is now in the process of interviewing. I insist on getting the bill, but she wrestles the check away from me and pays for it, since I spent more time traveling to her, and had to pay for train tickets. 1:00 PM: It was so wonderful to see her. We hug and part ways, and I head back on the train to NY. On the way, I decide to take a HIIT class tonight. Once I get back home, I change, and head out. 6:30 PM: That was a great class but fuck - my back. It was extremely hard (and Ive been to this instructors class before so I knew it would be. However, Ive had a back injury for years, and this class really aggravated it. I had a weak core growing up and, not knowing the proper methods to train it, compensated by bearing weight in my lower back during athletics. It wasnt until I became a fitness instructor that I was able to begin to correct some of my techniques. I never went to the doctor because the pain came and went, and lower back pain is so common that I thought I was being whiny (which I try not to do now, because Black women in health are often discredited when it comes to pain. 7:00 PM: I get home, heat up leftover taco ingredients (deconstructed, because Im too lazy to put it together) of meatless crumbles, lettuce, tomato, salsa, and a toasted tortilla with melted cheese. take Tylenol, and try to rest (on and off) alternating between ice and heat packs. I put a movie on in the background until 11 PM. TOTAL: 11. 50 Day 6: 4:00 AM: Rise and shine! Just kidding – its still dark outside. 6:00 AM: Need to get up and do something. I go for a walk, and scold myself for not going to a fitness class. 9:00 AM: Start work. I feel super slovenly this morning, and try not to hyper-focus on how I feel about my body. I make stovetop oatmeal with vanilla soy milk. This probably would also be a good time to mention that I have struggled with eating/exercise since adolescence. I was anorexic for 3 years, and then started binge eating and over-exercising. Right now, I would say my habits more so align with over-exercising but Im working on it. In college, I would work out between 2-6 hours a day (which was doable since I didnt sleep much, and worked in a gym. I miss how fit I was back then, but my eating habits were (and still are poor. I tried to get a therapist a few months back because I think everyone can benefit from it, but I called 4 people who were listed as having openings but no one responded. I will try again soon because I know I should, but I have to find the motivation. The hard part about it is that I appear to be in shape, and I know that objectively Im nit-picking, but it doesnt stop me from being unhappy with the way I look/feel. I thought that becoming a fitness instructor would help me develop a healthier mindset, but Ive struggled to find anyone in the fitness community that doesnt have a negative obsession with eating or exercise – its so commonplace its almost cliché. 3:00 PM: Ive been snacking on random things throughout the day (cheese, apples) and follow it up with a piece of pie. 5:00 PM: Head offline and decide I need to move my body. My back still hurts so I decide to take it easier in class today. 6:25 PM: Class was amazing but my back is killing me and I feel like crying (even though I modified everything. I chat with the instructor, and masochistically contemplate taking another class because I have a ton of energy (even though Im in pain. I would go to a doctor, but my health insurance at my new job doesnt kick in for another week and a half, and my health insurance at my last job terminated on my last day. Im still covered under my parents, but the doctors in that network in the city are limited, and it takes a long time to get an appointment. 6:50 PM: My friends at the studio convince me to cook as opposed to buying Sweetgreen (I love them. As I head out I realize I have errands to run. I get on a train uptown to buy crochet hair for a new hairstyle. 7:10 PM: I find the crochet hair, but they only have two packs. A woman on YouTube said she only needed two, so Im going to trust the process… and Im probably going to look a hot mess express, but Im trying! I buy the hair, and a crochet hook because I can never find mine. (28. 41) 7:55 PM: I waited so long for the bus that I went back in the hair store to look at wigs, but didnt find any I wanted to spend money on right now. Finally the bus comes and its packed. Thankfully its only a few stops. 8:20 PM: I get off the bus and walk to the grocery store. There I buy apples, garlic, soy bacon, cheese, ice cream, lettuce, garlic toast, butter, meatless crumbles, and paper towel. (42. 07) 9:00 PM: Arrive home and start cooking. I realize Ive barely eaten today, so I grab the first things my hands touch (spaghetti) throw it in a pot with a bit of oil and salt, and put garlic toast in the freezer. Almost in direct comparison to what I said about wanting to lose weight, I put four pieces of garlic toast on the pan, and about half a box of spaghetti. I eat over the course of the next hour, reflecting on the fact that I didnt touch a vegetable today  10:30 PM: Sleep. TOTAL: 70. 48 Day 7: 4:45 AM: Wake up to teach. I shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, change, and run out the door (again. 5:45 AM: On the train reading a spy novel I got from a Little Free Library across the street from my apartment last week. Not my usual genre, but its worth a shot. 6:08 AM: I arrive at the studio and set up. I decide to make a new playlist because Im not feeling the one that I prepared for this week. 8:20 AM: Done! I walk to the subway and start fielding slack messages and emails. 9:00 AM: Back home, and turn on a Webinar I need to listen to for work while washing my hair, because its Wash day. If you know, you know. 3:00 PM: Meetings, meetings, meetings. I take a break to eat eggs with a tortilla. I dont have a ton of friends in NYC, so I debated whether I should do anything for my birthday next week. I see that there is a roller-skating rink, and I ask 5 friends if they want to go. Only 1 person seems to be able to make it, so Im going to take myself to a nice dinner instead using a gift card a friend got me last Christmas. One of my friends looks at second message I sent on the topic and doesnt respond… lol alright then. 6:00 PM: I text with my ex. We dated for about 6 months earlier this year until I broke up with him because we werent compatible. I am a workaholic at times, and he was very much the opposite. He felt I wasnt giving him enough attention and I felt that he didnt support me enough in my career ambitions. Ironically enough, I think it worked out well for both of us – he is now dating a woman who is monogamous (and therefore, he has chosen to be monogamous) and right after we broke up, I got a promotion at my old job, and then soon moved to my current one. He then tells me that his job offer got rescinded… shit. He had gotten tired of complaining about his job and applied for a new one. I helped him prepare for his interviews, gave feedback, etc. one night for about 4 hours. He found out in the course of texting me, and I try to figure out what to say – but theres nothing that I can other than Im sorry. The awful part is that today is his last day at his old job. He tells me the reason for the rescinded offer (his references gave him a lower than desired rating on punctuality) which he acknowledges is his fault. I finish my work for the evening and offer support. 8:00 PM: I sit and contemplate what will make me happy. I dont know what I want from anything anymore. Ive been questioning getting a graduate degree (I dont want to go into debt after working so hard to avoid it) I have always had a plan but lately have been blasé about everything; I prefer to be alone all of the time. I chat with a friend about this via text, and we agree that were unsure if this is typical coming of age stuff, or typical depression stuff, or both. 10:00 PM: Head off to sleep, mentally preparing a checklist of things I need for my upcoming work trip. TOTAL: 0. Weekly Total: 1338. 37 Food & Drink: 149. 47 Fun/Entertainment: 0 Health: 4. 99 Clothes & Beauty: 28. 41 Home: 1, 121 Transport: 34. 50 Thoughts … I spent a lot more this week because of the couch purchase. I know I have a habit of spending too much on food, and Im trying to cook more. I also only purchase food in small quantities so I can cook it within a few days and a ton of food doesnt go to waste. With that being said, I spent more on transport than usual, and Ive found ways through this to trim the fat and contribute more to savings.

Income Base Income: 129, 000 Guaranteed Bonus: 18, 000 (15% of base, but can get up to ~25% based on performance) Equity: 60, 000 a year (240, 000 total vested monthly over 4 years, eligible to receive an equity refresh each year based on performance) Debt No debt/student loans; extremely grateful to my parents who paid for my tuition. I also worked 15-20 hours a week in college to pay for rent/food/books, etc. Monthly Expenses Pre-Tax: 401K: 2, 680 (playing catch-up right now; employer matches 50% up to max contribution) HSA: 140 Health/Vision/Dental/Life Insurance: 20, company perks are great Transit: 120 Rent: 1, 800 (my share for the 4, 100 1-bedroom in Manhattan I share with my boyfriend J) Investment Account or HYSA: 1, 500 Curology: 40 (I pay both mine and my little sister's bi-monthly subscription) Dance classes: 25 (I get 55 gym reimbursement from work every month which I use on classes. Ive danced my whole life through college, and was in a rut when I started working because I missed it so much, but thanks to living in NYC, there are a lot of classes/workshops I can go to) Equinox membership: 0 (apartment building is owned by a conglomerate that also owns Equinox) Part Four: Weekly Diary Day 1 - Wednesday 9:00AM - Wake up and get ready for work. I try to wake up at 8:30AM on most days, but I had a late-night yesterday in Brooklyn attending a Think Olio seminar with some friends about “The Fear of Leisure. ” We ended up getting pho afterwards at this amazing place in Greenpoint and spent a while discussing the lecture and what it means to have a balanced lifestyle. I remember to Venmo her for the Uber there ( 12) and pick out todays outfit: Pinky-mauve high-neck chunky wool sweater, tucked into a pair of burgundy windowpane trousers (both from Aritzia) and a pair of platform patent wingtip oxfords from Zara. 10:10AM - Get a reminder email from Amazon that my eBook credit is expiring soon. I bought my Kindle Oasis last year on a whim from an Amazon Bookstore, and its my favorite purchase to date. Its super lightweight, water-resistant, comfortable to hold, and I love taking it to read in cafes and also on flights. I purchase Bad Blood ( 11, about the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes' captivating -scam- company Theranos. 12:00PM - I meet up with a friend for our monthly lunch in our favorite cafe. Usually I have lunch with my team (we have a lot of fun personalities in the team and our lunch topics are always entertaining) but its nice to switch it up sometimes. She shares some stories about the guy shes dating who seems very sweet, which makes me really happy. (Company offers free breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and coffee) 5:15PM - J and I leave work and take the train home. We stop by Whole Foods initially to get ingredients for pasta, but its too crowded and overwhelming so we head to Morton Williams instead. We pick up rigatoni, vodka sauce, eggplant, onion, french bread, and parmesan (28 that J covers. 7:00PM - Done cooking dinner! Ive made an effort to cook at home more this month, and Ive been really enjoying it so far. I tend to favor Chinese dishes but today we were both craving pasta. We eat while watching an episode of a new anime we recently started (Gintama, recommended by my sister. J got me into anime when we started dating. Its gotten more mainstream since then, but I never thought Id love it as much as a I do now in the beginning. 7:45PM - Immediately after dinner, J surprises me with the new Switch Ring Fit Adventure game and sets it up for us to play. We saw an ad for it a few days ago and were really intrigued. According to the game, I “lightly jogged” for about 1 mile, did 36 squats, and 20 knee-to-chests. Would not recommend doing this with a full stomach:D but the adventure part of the game is awesome! Getting around is a lot similar to what Id think Temple Run would be like in real life, for those who remember how fun and addicting that game was. 9:00PM - I paint my nails with OPI Bubble Bath after showering. Gel manicures are in my past (used to get them every 3-4 weeks) but ever since moving to NYC, the ~45 after tip just didnt seem worth it anymore. To all the gals who do their own nails at home- SECHE VITE IS LIFE-CHANGING. I use their base and top coat and my manicure lasts me 2-3 weeks without chipping if I use OPI or Butter London polish. 10:00PM - This is when the shameful me comes out. I am pretty sure I have a shopping addiction. Its very confusing in the sense that no, Im not building credit card debt and still “reasonably living within my means, ” but I realize the amount of money I spend on fashion is sickening. Growing up, my dad was extremely strict and didnt allow me to wear makeup or buy clothes I wanted because he thought they would “distract me” from the more important things in life… mainly following the typical Asian-American life-track: excel in school and extracurricular activities, ace the SAT, get accepted to a prestigious college to study a lucrative major. get a lucrative job. I resented him for taking away my freedom to do *anything* couldnt hang out with friends, date, go to prom, etc. but Ive come to terms with his parenting in a weird the-end-justifies-the-means” way. I am grateful to have this amount of financial privilege. But sometimes I feel like Im making up for lost time. Ive always loved makeup and fashion from sneak-watching videos on Youtube in between SAT practice tests. The 2010-ish Youtube era were full of girls who constantly uploaded videos of shopping hauls. I remember thinking how amazing it would be to be able to buy anything I wanted. Once I started working in college, thats what I did. Now, living in NYC and following amazing Instagram fashion bloggers really eat up my self-control, but also constantly remind me of the years I wanted to feel fashionable and beautiful but couldnt. This is a super long rant, and I know it does not justify me spending so much money on frivolous things, but… it is a problem for me, and I constantly feel guilty for wasting money I know I should be saving. The guilt and self-hatred is not enough to stop browsing and shopping, so the cycle continues. I purchase an Isabel Marant Etoile sweatshirt ( 140 on sale, but still not justified) and think about an adorable cozy LoveShackFancy cardigan which is. 495. 11:00PM - Browse some Youtube videos and head to bed. Daily Total: 166 Day 2 - Thursday 10:20AM - Get to work later than I wanted. I havent felt motivated for the past week, especially when Im not working on something coding-heavy (usually how I measure my productivity. Im also feeling demoralized about work right now, because this week we got back performance reviews, and even though I finished a somewhat impactful project within 4 months of joining the company/team, I didnt get the feedback that my manager said I would if I did. 11:10AM - My manager brings out this week bread from a bakery on Grand Street, and he says they gave him the wrong bread. It turned out to be the best! Raisins and walnuts yum. 12:00PM - Lunch! Today an engineer visiting another office joins us. I get bok choy, tofu, and eggplant from a cafe. 4:00PM - I get a message from a friend who recently moved to LA. Her boyfriend contacted a bunch of us last week to send in clips wishing her happy birthday, and she just received the video. Im super happy that she loved it, and that shes scheduled to come visit for a week next month! 6:00PM - Get off work and take the E train to Saks. Im meeting up with my friends fiance to browse the fall/winter collections. This is my first time hanging out with her- my friend mentioned that shes also very into designer things and I always love companions to share my indulgent designer cravings:P To be honest, Im hoping I wont find anything that catches my eye because I already splurged on my “yearly treat” to myself on a vintage Cartier watch earlier this year when I got my new job, and Im just constantly buying clothes too. 7:00PM - We browse around all the boutiques but didnt find a bag that she loved. Then, we head up to the 8th floor for shoes (my fav) and… WOW I found the most amazing pair of Chanel boots. Theyre gold, mid-height heeled combat-ish boots with the classic Chanel black cap-toe design. I made the mistake of trying them on and it took everything for me to not cave and purchase them. 1450 is steep for a pair of boots that I know will get scuffed and ruined so easily… but wow, theyre beautiful and the saleswoman was great at her job haha. 8:00PM - We grab some sushi at a restaurant nearby ( 48) and chat about bags, her upcoming wedding, relationships, and work. I love getting to know new people, and felt like we got along really well. 10:00PM - My cat comes to cuddle with me on the couch, and I suspect its because Im using his favorite blanket. We adopted him from an ASPCA truck two years ago, and it was the best decision ever. He has such a funny personality and always brightens our day. I start reading Ali Wongs new book and head to bed after. Daily Total: 48 Day 3 - Friday Hooray! 9:00AM - I had the weirdest dream yesterday… I think alien. attack, and then somehow I got out of a plane mid-air and they tried to rotate the plane to shake me off and I had to keep maneuvering clockwise around the wings to stay on the right side of gravity if that makes sense haha. But wow what an exhausting dream. Today I chose to wear a thick fuzzy black cardigan with gold stars over a white tee, high-rise straight leg denim, a black belt, and Golden Goose hi-stars. 11:40AM - Coffee/latte time. Usually I prefer oat milk, but I only really like Planet Oats extra creamy which not a lot of places use. I check my email and yay another item from my recent Thredup box has sold, and now I have a total of 40 credit from this box. I discovered Thredup when they started sponsoring a lot of Youtubers. I found out that they provide shipping labels for free, and its essentially the same as selling your clothes to Buffalo Exchange, but way less of a hassle. Granted they pay a lot less for each item, but these days Im really lazy about listing my pieces on eBay/Poshmark/going into Buffalo Exchange, so sending clothes to sell at Thredup is the superior option over just donating stuff to a local Goodwill. 1:15PM - Late lunch today because I wasnt hungry. Head to a cafe with a juice bar to get a mix of green juice and ginger shot, and grab a PB&J sandwich to go. 2:00PM - Work offers a lot of cool events, and today Im signed up for a Japanese tea ceremony and tasting. I head down to attend with a friend, and I eat the best mochi Ive ever had. 4:00PM - One of my teammates got his promotion. Were all very excited for him and chat a bit about what hes planning to do for celebration. 6:15PM - Leave work to take the train to Costco with J, my friend and his fiance C (my new friend hehe) who has a Costco membership! I havent been to Costco for almost two years so Im super excited. 7:10PM - We eat dinner at Costco because its convenient and also just an insanely good deal. J and I combined get two slices of combo pizza, a chicken bake, a churro, and a diet Pepsi (Costco needs to get out of that partnership and get Coke instead, lets be real) and the total was only 9. 62. J pays. We eat in the food court, and talk about how J is the only one who really should be eating 1000+ calories since he runs daily. 8:30PM - Costco closes, and we finish shopping. J and I came mostly for entertainment, but we still managed to buy Alaskan cod, golden kiwi, an umbrella, chicken thighs (10 for 10 lbs of chicken, crazy deal) salami, and contact solution. We uber back home after (22, J pays. I venmo my friend who paid for everything with his Costco card ( 76. 10:25PM - Finish shower and get ready for bed. I browse TJ Maxx (discount/outlet type store for designer brands) my biggest guilty pleasure. Their contemporary line is my favorite because sometimes they carry pieces from my favorite brands like La Maison Tullah, Vince, Theory, and recently Rebecca Taylor! They also regularly have OPI nail polishes for 4. I look through todays new arrivals and spot this amazing pair of Joes lamb leather cropped bootcut pants. I have the Aritzia faux leather Daria leggings, but Ive been on the hunt for a pair of genuine leather pants, and these are perfect and exactly what Im looking for. In my cart, I already had this cute polka dot puff-sleeve sweater from Rebecca Taylor, but I move it to “Save-for-later” to make “room” for the pants. I purchase the pants and a faux leather headband with my TJ Maxx credit card which gives 5% cash back (through rewards) for purchases made within the TJX family ( 192. Daily Total: 268 Day 4 - Saturday 9:00AM - Wake up and start pack for spa day in New Jersey! I bring my Kindle, journal, and makeup and jewelry to put on later. I choose a DL1961 washed black denim jacket (that @somethingnavy/Arielle Charnas sold me on) to go over a flowy light blue patterned midi dress from last season Zara, and a pair of Golden Goose superstars to wear for the day. 10:00AM - Head out to New Jersey. Last week, I purchased admission tickets to a sauna + spa place in Jersey for J and me. J offered to rent a Zipcar for a whole day so we can drive there, and then to the Queens International Night Market which weve been meaning to go to this whole summer, and todays its last day. 11:00AM - Get to the sauna and spa to check in. This business is relatively new, so the design felt very sleek and modern compared to more traditional spas. I signed up for a 30 minute full body scrub (55, J treats) and wait for my appointment in a Japanese Herbal bath. 1:30PM - I grab a green juice and continue reading Ali Wongs book in the cozy lounge area. I love feeling warm and zen (6, J treats. 4:00PM - Leave the spa and browse in a huge supermarket that is right next to the spa. Suburban supermarkets are the best because they have the square footage to carry so much more variety than the ones in the city. We pick up some snacks and a huge bag of rice since we had the Zipcar (53, J covers. 4:30PM - We head out to pick up our friends who live in Long Island City (and meet their cat. Its about an hour and 15 minute drive, but felt manageable as J and I talk about random topics. Traffic wasnt as bad as we expected on a weekend, so that was a plus: 6:30PM - Arrive at the Queens Night Market! It was a bit chilly at night, but the food was incredible and affordable. We got popcorn chicken, bubble tea, potato crisps, takoyaki, waffle-wrapped mochi, peking duck bao, and lamb skewers ( 43. 8:30PM - It starts drizzling a little, and the four of us decide to go to Flushing for dessert. We drive and find parking, and I pay for the 2 hours of parking (praise Flushing: 4. 9:30PM - I share a green tea crepe cake and a lemongrass ginger carrot herbal tea with J, and our friends share fruit crepe tea and jasmine tea. The boys split the bill (J pays 20. 11:30PM - We return the Zipcar successfully! At home, I wind down and put on an Origins charcoal mask for some skin detox. Daily Total: 47 Day 5 - Sunday 10:00AM - Wake up to the rain outside. I really love rainy/gloomy days; they have a calming effect on me, and make staying indoors extra cozy. Im curled up on my couch with a soft blanket, watching the rain, and planning the day. Laundry needs to be done, which reminds me I have to stock up our laundry items. I order Tide Plus Bleach, fabric softener dryer sheets, and another fabric softener for pieces we hang dry from Target. I also throw in probiotic capsules to try them out, and a pack of 6 crew socks as the weather gets colder and I dont want my ankles to freeze ( 51. 10:15AM - Make an iced oat milk latte with the Planet Oat extra creamy (as mentioned before hehe it's the best) and a Vietnamese coffee mix. Its delicious. I do some online browsing and find a gorgeous metallic bronze blazer which would be perfect for upcoming holiday parties, but I resist successfully whew. I also bookmark a Chinti and Parker sweater with a fun rainbow print to consider for later… 11:05AM - I head down the hall to the laundry room on our floor and start two loads. It's 3. 60 total, but we have a prepaid card for laundry. J tells me he can take care of the drying cycle and folding since I'm going out later. I guess this is an appropriate time to talk about how amazing J is! We've been dating for a little over three years now, and he's been the most caring, thoughtful, funny and kind boyfriend I've ever had. He's always looking out for ways to make me comfortable and happy (biggest example is when he refills my water bottle at home without me asking. idk what to tell you, I drink a lot of water haha, and also just taking care of a lot of household tasks too- especially cleaning the litter box. He makes me feel so loved, and I cherish our relationship so much. I know without a doubt that he's "my person. 1:00PM - I love wearing bright colors on gloomy days, so I chuck on a chunky yellow high neck mohair sweater from Zara and a pair of Levis wedgie icon denim. I meet a friend to check out the newly opened Nordstrom near Columbus Circle. She got a promotion this week, and wanted to treat herself to some nice boots. Before we meet up, I pick out a maple coconut donut from the ultra-cute Nordstrom food court to congratulate her with ( 3. Shopping was a success! I find her a pair of Acne Jensen dupes (the Marc Fisher Yale booties) and also AGL pointed suede block heel booties. Both look amazing on her, but she decides to only get the lower heel Marc Fisher ones for now, since the AGL ones are higher and tighter on the heel which we agreed would look good with straight leg denim, a style that she doesnt yet own. We also saw some CDG Converse high-tops that are sold out everywhere, so I had to get them ( 146) We head upstairs to look at denim and I also successfully found her a pair of Reformation straight leg denim that look awesome on her, and AGOLDE Riley jeans, my favorite. She loves them both and splurges, and I feel very accomplished as a crazy shopping-enthusiast/enabler:P. 3:15PM - We head out to meet two other friends to see Hustlers! Ive been wanting to see it for a while, so Im super excited. J. Lo and Constance Wu? I still remember when movie tickets were 8… not anymore ( 18) We split the largest bucket of popcorn which was delicious ( 3. 5:30PM - Hustlers was such a fun watch, and we see an advertisement for Parasite as we head down to the lobby, which I recommend everyone to see as well. I love movies, and I probably should sign up for the AMC Stubs A-List… Anyway, we decide to go to Bibble and Sip to hang out for a bit longer, and I get a Matcha Jasmine latte, and an earl grey chocolate chip cookie for everyone to share ( 9. 6:00PM - I start heading home and call J if he wanted me to pick up anything for dinner. Usually I cook on Sunday nights, but this weekend has been super busy (but full of adventures. Hes craving McDonalds so I pickup a Quarter Pounder and 20 pieces McNuggets for him ( 16 but who remembers when 20 piece was only 5. 6:30PM - I get home, and J has finished building the new coffee table from Wayfair that I purchased last week! Its one that can lift up to table-height, and it's already so much more amazing than the one we currently have from West Elm, which is super aesthetic but completely non-functional. I think this new table fits in our space a lot better as well, especially since the color of the wood and metal structured legs match our CB2 bookshelf perfectly. Ive been really impressed with Wayfair pieces, and also purchased a rug from them before. I eat some nuggets with J as we watch another episode of Gintama. 8:00PM - I watch some Youtube videos and talk with J as he packs a duffle bag for his business trip to California this week. Daily Total: 246 Day 6 - Monday 8:15AM - Wake up, and finally back on my regular schedule. I peel and slice a huge korean pear that J and I got on Saturday from the supermarket in Jersey for J and myself (its delicious. I get ready for work and put on yet another chunky knit, straight leg denim, and glittery bronze Aquazzura pointed-toe mules that make my heart sing. J and I take the train together, as hes leaving to JFK later from work for his trip. 9:30AM - Grab my usual soy latte and fill up my 30oz Yeti mug with warm water. I try to drink two of those throughout the work day. As I catch up on emails, I found out a team that I did some work for last week thanked me for a “speedy investigation and implementation. ” This really makes my day, and motivates me to work hard this week. 11:00AM - Officially the start of my oncall rotation this week. Being “oncall” is essentially getting paged whenever theres an issue regarding our services that gets escalated through auto-monitoring. Last time I was oncall, I got a page around 1:30AM on a Saturday which I responded to and investigated/addressed the issue. At my previous company, we were expected to be oncall all the time, and werent paid for it, so this weekly rotation schedule + compensation for the 24/7 monitoring is pretty good to me. 11:50AM - Lunch with my team. I make a salad with spinach, roasted carrots, sweet potato, and cucumbers. We chat about our weekends and our coworkers upcoming wedding which were all invited to. After lunch, we head down a few floors to grab coffee/juice. I get a green juice (celery, kale, swiss chard, cucumber) with a dash of the “spooky ginger shot” (cranberry juice, ginger, apple cider. 12:40PM - I suddenly remembered that the bundle of dance classes I bought last month were expiring on the 31st and I still had one left, so I book a contemporary class for 7:30PM tomorrow after work. So excited! 6:40PM - Oops still at work. This afternoon I got swamped with so much work, some related to being oncall AKA becoming the “go-to person” for any issue/question, and some from my manager who I had a 1:1 with earlier and thinks Im ready to take on more responsibilities. 7:10PM - I wrap up, grab some food (salad again) from work, and head home! 7:40PM - Finally get home, feed my cat, take off my makeup, and eat while watching The Mindy Project. 10:00PM - Video chat my grandma. Im really close to my grandparents because I spent more of my childhood with them than I did with my parents. I feel bad because once I went to college and then started working, I contacted them less and less… I just want to make the most of our time left together. Daily Total: 0 Day 7 - Tuesday 8:00AM - Wake up and watch the newly uploaded Sheerluxe (UK online fashion/lifestyle magazine that also makes Youtube videos) show. They are discussing event-wear in this episode, which reminds me I still need to pick out outfits for the two holiday work parties J and I have. I fall in love with what Katie Holmes wore to the Nordstrom Party: a black Saint Laurent ruched silk mini dress paired with sheer polka dot tights and black pointed pumps, and decide to order a pair of sheer polka dot tights from Nordstrom ( 40. 9:15AM - Get to work and feel a little overwhelmed with all the things I need to work on, but I'm feeling extra motivated because I like being productive. I grab my soy latte, fill my Yeti mug with water, and start the day. 11:35AM - My team want to go to lunch earlier today but since Im not hungry and have a lot to do, I skip out and think Ill just grab something small later. 2:00PM - I went too late for green juice, so I got a smoothie instead with almond milk, spinach, and a banana. I also make a quick salad to-go. 5:40PM - Early dinner with a friend. We get in line for burrito bowls; I get spinach, chicken, and pico de gallo, and then get back to work. 7:15PM - I should be heading out to make it to my dance class, but I really want to stay and try to figure out a production rollout issue… I decide to stay at work and just forfeit the credit. 8:00PM - Ok, this week has not been a good work-life balance. Its definitely also because J is away, and he usually reminds me to take breaks, and leave work at a regular hour. Theres just an endless amount of things to do at work, and I like getting things done. 9:00PM - I start The Politician on Netflix! What an interesting show… I watched Dear Evan Hansen with my mom and sister last year, and I love seeing Ben Platt and Laura Dreyfuss playing completely different roles. As I watch, I browse Leandra Medine + Mango collaboration, and consider a sweater. The colors make me really happy, but I know I need to buy a dress for the holiday party soon, so I resist. Daily Total: 40 Weekly Total: 815 Clothing: 518 Food and Drink: 201 Household Items: 51 Entertainment: 29 Transportation: 16 Reflection This was overall a normal week for me, with the exception of going out shopping with friends twice! I usually do most of my shopping online, and this week I tagged along with friends who were looking for specific things. The CDG converse were definitely an impulse purchase, but they are so comfortable and cute so. no regrets:P. I am aware I need to reign in my shopping habits, and stop mindlessly online browsing so often, because I know I will always find something I like. I haven't read many diaries that capture buying clothes/shoes on the regular, and feel like I would get ripped to shreds if I posted this on R29 for wasting money so here I am. :D Also. So exciting to see so many women in tech on this sub! I just read the diary of the SWE in seattle, and Ohio diarist going through coding bootcamp:D.

Note: I wrote this in the beginning of November, but it was never posted. Basic Info Age: 24 Occupation: Marketing Technology Manager Industry: Tech Section One: Debts and Assets 401k: 15, 600 Investments: 4, 539 in a roboadvisor account High-Yield Saving Account: 48, 122 Checking: 1, 300 CC: No debt, I pay it off in full every month Student Loans: 0 - I received a full merit-based scholarship and I worked as an RA for 3 years, which covered housing and dining. I also held internships which paid for everything else. But, to be transparent, my parents saved enough to pay for my college education in-full. I made the decision to go to an affordable school with the agreement that I will be gifted that money either for grad school or as a down-payment sometime in the future. Section Two: Income Paycheck Amount (2x per month) 1, 777. 00 (401k, transportation, and healthcare have been taken out. Section Three: Expenses Rent: 1040 - I live with 2 other people in a 3-bedroom apartment. Im hoping to move to a studio within the next few months and pay around 1800 (a splurge – but my roommates are driving me crazy. Phone: Subsidized by my company Internet: 19. 00 for my third Electricity/water: Varies, but normally around 30 for my third (my landlord pays for heat and hot water. Hulu: 7. 85 NYT Subscription: 6 – digital and crossword. BOTM: 16 Lemonade (renters insurance) 5 Spotify: On a family plan that my parents pay for. 401k (2x per month) I contribute 9% and my company matches 4. Its 259 per paycheck Healthcare (2x per month) Dental: 6. 64, Medical: 74. 97, Vision: 3. 66 Commuter Benefit (2x per month) 63. 50 Savings: I automatically transfer 400 per month to my savings account. At the end of the month, I transfer whatever is left-over. I also plan on adding my bonus directly to my savings. Day One 11:30am: oh no. I didnt set an alarm. I normally dont sleep past 10! I went out last night and I feel it this morning. I groggily walk to the kitchen, drink around 5 gallons of water and take some advil. I toast an english muffin and eat some pineapple that I cut up yesterday. I eat my breakfast while attempting a crossword puzzle. Its a lot for my brain right now. 2:30pm: I find myself back in bed watching House Hunters and decide I must stop being a bed burrito and start being a human. I put on running clothes and head out to the river. Its a little overcast and I am secretly hoping it starts raining so I dont have to run. Im doing the couch to 5k program and Im almost done. I was always the kid in high school who was the last to finish the mile, so this is really an amazing feeling for me. On the way back, I stop by a bodega and pick up english muffins, egg whites, and because its on sale and I have no self-control. two pints of halo top (2 for 6, one pint normally costs at least 7. 50. – to be truthful, I was very close to buying 2 more. 11. 60 4:30pm: After spending about half an hour cleaning up after my roommates, I decide its time to eat an early dinner (or late lunch. I probably should have cooked before I cleaned the kitchen, oh well. I finish up some green beans and sweet potato by mixing it with cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joes. Its about as bad as it sounds. I also prep some cucumbers and carrots to take with me to work. 6:00pm: I completely forget I have a date tonight with this guy Ive been messaging through Hinge. Thankfully Bachelor #1 sends a reminder text and the date is nearby. Around 8 months ago my boyfriend of a year broke up with me, I moved apartments, and I got a new job all at the same time. It was a lot of change. My first date after the breakup, I started crying. Yes. During the date. I decided I needed some time for myself, but Im trying to get back into it. I quickly curl my hair, put on a full face of makeup, wear my first-date outfit (black super high waist skinny jeans, a tight black lowish-cut shirt tucked in, fun earrings, and heeled black boots. 7:30pm: I get a soda since I drank last night, and the date gets a whiskey sour. He continually mentions how much money his family has and how he doesnt want to date anyone thats only dating him for the money. He goes in for a kiss at the bar. I pull away. Its awkward. He also calls me cutie, which I hate. I may look 12, but Im a freakin adult. We talk for another half hour before I say I have an early morning. I insist on splitting the bill since I know I dont want to see him again. He texts me that night telling me how great a time he had. What! I tell Bachelor #1 its not going to work. 10. 00 9:30pm: Once I get home, I make a cup of tea, light a candle and finish the book Daisy Jones and the Six. It has taken me a while to get into as it changes perspective every paragraph. But now I cant stop. I dont realize its already 11 by the time Im done! I dont binge watch as much as I binge read. I quickly get ready for bed. Day Two: 5:30am: Nope 6:30am: Fine. I have a dermatologist appointment this morning and I guess I really must get up. I throw on some black jeans and a patterned long sleeve shirt from The Loft that makes it look like Im trying with absolutely 0 effort. I leave without putting makeup on because of the appointment, which is strangely liberating. I plan on going straight to work so I grab a frozen lunch that I prepped last week (roasted zucchini, green beans, onion, tomato, chicken, and quinoa) my make-up bag, and some of the cut-up veggies. The appointment is a 25-minute walk away and since its not completely freezing yet, I decide against taking the subway. 7am: This is by far the fanciest doctors office Ive ever been in. Its in a doorman residential building and I feel like Im in a very wealthy persons apartment instead of an office. However, I only see the PA for 6 minutes and the doctor isnt even in the office. On my out, I take a few mints, a kiwi, a to-go coffee, and a bagel w/cream cheese to try and make it worth the trip and cost. 50 7:30am: I head back to my apartment instead of the office because the appointment was much shorter than expected. I take the subway this time. I get back and put on a quick full face of makeup. I eat the bagel (its a good bagel, but not quite a 50-dollar bagel) and the kiwi while catching up on the news. Im back out the door by 8:45. 9:15am: I walk into my office with the fire alarms blaring. No one seems concerned, so Im not going to be either. Happy Monday. 1pm: I always try and leave my desk for lunch, but unfortunately thats not happening today. Theres a hard deadline eod that Im worried about making. I reheat my frozen food and have a sad desk lunch. After, I grab a few Hershey Kisses from the snack cabinet and another cup of coffee. 5pm: Finished! I could have had a lunch break after all. I decide I should get up since Ive been sitting all day. I go for a quick walk to a nearby park while listening to Wait Wait, Dont Tell Me. Therere a few times I laugh out loud and get a few strange looks from strangers. 6:30pm: The coworker Im slightly in love with asks if Im heading out since we live nearby and sometimes commute together. Unfortunately, something broke right before his message and I need to stay and fix it. Twenty minutes later, he shows up at my desk with sustenance (including some alcohol) oh my heart. 9:30pm: Im finally home and I head to the store to pick up some food for the next few days. I buy ground turkey, black beans, arugula, cheddar cheese, canned corn, tomato, and salsa. I have some frozen trader joes rice at home to add too. Im going to make burrito bowls tonight. Very easy and it freezes well. I eat about half a serving now as Im still a little hungry. 29. 41 10:30pm: My laundry arrives and its all folded too (even the underwear. It was around 15 pounds of laundry (including sheets and towels. This is such a luxury, but I think its worth every penny, and to be truthful, I only do my laundry about once a month. I have a 10% off coupon. 30. 50 11:00pm: I quickly facetime a group of college friends (its earlier for them. I miss them so much. I dont have a group of friends in ny, just a few individual friends that all have separate groups Im not part of. I decide I would rather go straight to sleep than read tonight, so I just wash my face, brush my teeth, and go to bed feeling a little down. Day Three: 7am: Im up! And I only snoozed for 10 minutes. Its the small victories in life. I put on the coffee and do a yoga with Adriane video and then a ballet stretching video before jumping in the shower. I shamefully go back to bed after my shower for 20 minutes. Im back up and quickly get ready. I dont have time for breakfast, so I grab an apple, a frozen lunch (its the last of the roasted veggies) and my coffee on the way out. If Im hungry later, I can grab some breakfasty foods from the office. 8:30: I normally dont have to be at work until around 9:30ish, but Im interviewing candidates for a marketing coordinator role today and the first one starts at 9am. I go over the resumes and write down some questions to ask each candidate. I also think of answers to questions Ill be potentially asked. If Im prepared, I dont get as nervous. Interviewing gives me way more anxiety than being interviewed. 1pm: Interviews done for the day! The other interviewers and I head out for lunch to debrief. We run into the CEO in the elevator and he tells us to expense the meal. We quickly leave before he changes his mind. We go to a ramen place nearby, everyone gets ramen and we also order some sake to share. We expense the meal and go back to the office a little bit gigglier than normal (145. 00. I put the lunch I brought in the freezer for another day. 4pm: I find myself at the snack cabinet and grab a yogurt, a string cheese, and a Hershey kiss. It is a blessing and a curse that my company provides free snacks. 7pm: I leave work and head to a women in tech meetup, which is thankfully very close to my office. There is a speaker and then a networking session with some snacks and drinks. I successfully talk to a few people who want to meet up sometime next week and I only leave half an hour before the end time. Im extremely introverted so networking is hard for me. 10pm: Because I didnt really eat dinner and because I made potential friends – tonight calls for pizza. I take the subway home and grab 2 slices from the place near my apartment. Its not great food, but its close and its pizza. I eat both slices in about 5 minutes and facetime another college friend that lives out of state. 5. 50 11pm: Bedtime! I read for half an hour, Ive started the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F* K. I drink some chamomile tea and light a candle. Then I brush my teeth, wash my face, put on some face cream and lights out! Day Four: 6:30am: I do a quick 10 minute warm up in my room and then go for a run. I decide to go to the park even though its a little dark out. Im back to my apartment, shower, and do my normal routine. I have a lot of meetings today and a date tonight, so I spend a bit longer trying to look professional/attractive. 9am: I get a seat on the subway and continue reading the book I started last night. I also pre-order a large Americano from dunkin. I always feel incredibly cool when I walk in right when my order is ready, and I love the bonus of not having to talk to anyone (an introverts dream. But I forgot to add donuts to the order for my meeting and now I need to wait on line and feel exponentially less cool. 18. 46 10am: Part of my job is to help our sales team utilize tech better to increase performance. They arent super happy about the changes Ive been making so I try and check in once a month to listen to their problems and ideas. There is this one employee who starts speaking over me discussing how none of this is helping (the numbers tell a different story. But at least he likes the donuts. 1:30pm: Its been a long day and its only 1:30. Although Ive been trying to eat at the lunch table more, I need some time for myself. I head out of the office and walk ten minutes to a Pret (and yes, I might have passed 2 others Prets on the way but the chances for coworkers at those are too high. I buy Mac and Cheese (telling myself that since it has spinach in it, its healthy) and a bag of popcorn, read my book and spend a blissful hour relaxing. 8. 50 6:30pm: Most people have cleared out by now, so I go to the bathroom and take off my blazer and undershirt (hello, cleavage. and put on more makeup. I also shower my hair in dry shampoo. A coworker leaves the other bathroom also looking much more glammed up than she did during the day. We knowingly smile at each other. I eat a protein bar from the snack cabinet and the celery I brought to hold me over since the date is just drinks. Its always hard going straight from work to a date. 7:30pm: Oh, hes attractive. Definitely more attractive than his pictures. The conversation is going well too, and it doesnt feel forced at all. He wants to get another round, but Im such a lightweight I hesitate. He suggests leaving and getting frozen yogurt from the place next door instead. Im down. He pays for the two drinks. 9:30pm: I pay for my frozen yogurt and inwardly cringe about how much it costs. I could have gotten 2 slices of pizza for the same price! At 10:30 we both decide its time to leave. Were taking different trains home, but he walks me to my station and kisses me goodnight. We made plans for Sunday night. Im home by 10:45pm and do my normal night routine. 00 Day Five: 6:30am: I do a 40-minute FitnessBlender video before showering and getting ready. I eat my typical breakfast of English muffins and egg whites but add some arugula this time. I pack up my coffee and a burrito bowl. Im ready a bit early and decide to leave instead of waiting around my apartment. I dont feel like reading, so I listen to music and zone out on the ride. 1:00pm: My work crush and I head to the park to eat our lunches. Its cold, but its nice to get outside. I bring my lunch, it doesn't taste nearly as good cold. 7:30pm: Im supposed to get dinner with a friend at 7, but I get stuck at work late. We decide instead on hanging out at her apartment with takeout and wine. I head uptown and grab the wine (12. 00) while my friend places the order from shake shack. We hang out so often weve stopped paying each other back for every expense. We figure itll just end up even eventually. We hang out and complain about dating for much longer than I had planned. I uber home with a 50% off coupon (7. 50. 19. 50 11:30pm: Im home and do my normal night routine, substituting reading for embroidering, before brushing my teeth and going to bed. Day 6: 6:30am: Definitely feeling the wine. I turn 25 in a month and I guess this is what the mid-twenties feels like. I begrudgingly get up and do a 10-minute arm workout and a 5-minute warmup before going on a run. Today is the first day the app tells me to run without walking. When I finish, I cry. Im no longer overweight (I lost around 60 pounds 6 years ago) but I still sometimes feel like I am, and this reminds me of how much progress Ive made. 7:30am: I eat egg whites, an English muffin, and some halo-top (nothing like ice cream for breakfast. Im ready early again and decide to just head to the office. Hopefully Ill be able to finish a few things and not have to work on Sunday. 1:00pm: My frozen vegetable bowl is calling, but so is the halal cart. I go to the closest one and order chicken and rice. No red sauce. I eat it my desk while chatting with some members of my team. 6. 50 6:00pm: It looks like a group of people who are all around my age are going out to a bar tonight after work. It hurts not to be included even though I know its partially my fault for not joining in more at lunch. 6:00: Im meeting up with a coworker from my last job at 7. Ive done as much as I can do on a Friday night and call it a day. Since I have some extra time, I decide to walk. But its a bit farther and colder than I thought so I bail halfway through and hop on the subway. 7pm: We go to an Ethiopian place in the east village (15. 00) and I get caught up on all my old companys gossip over dinner. This friend doesnt drink, so after dinner we go to a very instagrammable dessert place thats open late. We try the Matcha Waterfall dessert and The Harvest dessert (it comes in a little pot and you “water” it with cream. to share (13. My friend lives on long island and decides to spend the night at my apartment instead of taking the lirr back. 28. 00 11pm: My friend doesnt have a metrocard, so I swipe for her using my non-monthly card (2. 75. When we leave the subway we pick-up some snacks from the store. We get popcorn, brownies and because I dont have any breakfast food left, I pick up bananas, pancake mix, milk, bacon, syrup and eggs. There are going to be leftovers that Ill keep, so I pay (22. 37. 25. 12 11:30pm: We eat our snacks while attempting to keep our face masks on and watch Dumpling. It is such a feel-good movie. I also think I like Dolly Partons music? We go to sleep around 1am. Day 7: 9am: And were up to the lovely sounds of garbage pickup. We cook a breakfast feast consisting of our late-night purchases. My friend leaves at around 10:30am. I do a 45-minute FitnessBlender video (skipping the jumping stuff since I live in an apartment) and finish with a 20-minute Yoga with Adrianne video. 1pm: Its not completely freezing so I go for a walk to my favorite park by the river and attempt to read outside. I buy a hot coffee from a nearby bodega because it isnt quite warm enough to sit outside. I continue reading the book Hard to Love: Essays and Confessions and people/dog-watch until I give in and decide Im freezing and leave. 1. 20 2:20pm: I volunteer at an animal shelter once or twice a week. Im nowhere near responsible enough or financially stable enough or home enough to get a dog of my own and this gives me my dog fix without the commitment (sometimes I feel the same way about men and online dating…. I go to the shelter to walk a few dogs and play with some others in their kennel. I find out my favorite was adopted, which is always bittersweet. 6pm: Once I get home I shower immediately, I love the doggys but they definitely leave an odor. I have dinner plans at 9 but Im hungry now. I eat the leftover pancakes, bacon, and an apple. After, I start getting ready to go out. I decide on leather pants, knee-high black boots, and a semi-sheer body-suit with a bralette. 8:45pm: I take an uberpool to the restaurant, with a 50% off coupon (6. 25. The food is mediocre, but the margaritas are great (36. We walk to my friends apartment for part 2 of the evening. 39. 25 11:30: We uber to the les (20. 10) and meet a promoter and a few of my friends friends (Im not a huge fan of the promoter system but clubs and drinks are expensive, and I will admit, I always feel like a celebrity when I get to cut the line. We each grab a cranberry vodka from the table and start dancing. A guy walks up to me at the bar, and, well, theres nothing like a good club make-out session. Bachelor #3 invites me back to his apartment, but I dont feel quite safe doing that. I do give him my number though. 20. 10 3:00: We eat some pizza from the place next door and book an uber back to my friends apartment. She pays since I got the uber there. I wash my face, borrow some pajamas, and Im in bed by 4. 2. 50 Weekly Total 317. 14 Food: 188. 04 Entertainment: 0 Transportation: 48. 6 Home & Health: 80. 5 Misc: 0 Summary: This was a bit of a lower spend week for me. I had a couple prepared lunches and some leftover food from the previous week for dinners. However, my other costs are pretty much on par with what I normally spend. I dont have much of a social life – so I get to save a lot of money! I did realize that I spend a lot on food, even during an off week, and I should consider going to grocery stores that are less convenient, but more affordable. I know that when I move Ill have to make some changes since my rent will likely be 800+ more a month. But Im willing to sacrifice pretty much any saving and extra fun stuff to live alone.



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