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Beats to rap to freestyle. Beatstars. 🔥🔥🔥 this beat is D o P e 🔥🔥🔥 from where you take those great graphics? Peace. Beats to rap to. Beatsaver. Beats of the heart 2007. Beats solo. Beats rhymes & life. Beats solo3. Beats pro. Beats studio3 wireless. Beats pro wireless. So dope❤️❤️. Im a rapper and i will use this beat for my new song its banging🙏🏼🔥. Beats x. There was nothing about The beat I didnt like bruh. Like damn 🔥 💯. Beats study. Beats movie. Beats studio wireless. Oh you working working bro keep this up and youre gonna blow up in no time bro remember the name “the Grimm preacher “. Watch"Online"Beats, Found on page #Beats Watch beats movie 123movies. Beats Read more there. Beats for love 2019 aftermovie.

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Beats app. Beats studio 3 wireless headphones. He me in da hood chilling with my cuz start at him give you the 123 and you'll see ye ye come let's fight I'm not a wise cuz. Look up beat or beating in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Beat, beats or beating may refer to: Common meanings [ edit] Assigned activity or area [ edit] Patrol, an area (usually geographic) that one is responsible to monitor, including: Beat (police), the territory and time that a police officer patrols Beat reporting, a subject of coverage by a journalist Forest beat, in forestry administration, a divisional sub unit of a Forest range Gay beat, an area frequented by men who have sex with men for the purpose of casual sex Hitting or physical violence [ edit] Assault, when distinguished from battery, the crime of attempting to physically attack another Battery (crime), the crime of physically attacking another Corporal punishment, punishment inflicted by physical assault Strike (attack), repeatedly striking a person or object Prevail or win [ edit] Victory to win, outdo, outfox or otherwise achieve a victory over another (or the odds) People with the name [ edit] Beat (name), a German male given name Jackie Beat (born 1963) on stage drag persona Aone Beats (born 1984) Nigerian record producer Billy Beats (1871-1936) British soccer player Cohen Beats (born 1986) Israeli record producter Eno Beats (born 1991) Ugandan record producer Laxio Beats (born 1987) Ghanaian record producer Mizz Beats, UK record producer Rico Beats, U. S. record producer Arts, entertainment, and media [ edit] Fictional entities [ edit] Beat, a character from Eternal Sonata Beat, a character from Jet Set Radio Beat, a character from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and The World Ends with You Beat, a robot bird in the Mega Man series Films [ edit] Beat (1997 film), a 1997 South Korean gangster film Beat (1998 film), a 1998 Japanese film Beat (2000 film), a film about writer William Seward Burroughs Beats (2019 Scottish film), a 2019 Scottish film directed by Brian Welsh Beats (2019 American film), a 2019 American film directed by Chris Robinson Music [ edit] Groups [ edit] Beat (band), a Finnish band, who formed in 1979 The Beat (British band), a ska band, who formed in 1978, from Birmingham Albums [ edit] Beat (Bowery Electric album), a 1996 album Beat (King Crimson album), a 1982 album Music channels [ edit] Beats 1, an internet music radio station operated by Apple Inc. Beats Music, Apple Inc. music streaming service MTV Beats, music television channel of India The Beat 99. 9 FM, Lagos, Nigeria; a music radio station Beat 102 103 (FM-102 & FM-103), Irish radio station Other uses in music [ edit] Beat (acoustics), volume fluctuations due to interference between sounds of different frequencies Beat (music), the basic time unit or pulse in a piece of music representing one moment in time, or a segment of rhythm or cadence "Beat" (song), 2005, by Kaela Kimura Beat music, a rock music genre that developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s Drum beat Pulse (music), in music and music theory, beats in a (repeating) series of identical yet distinct periodic short-duration stimuli perceived as points in time occurring at the mensural level Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media [ edit] Beat (filmmaking), the smallest unit of dramatic action in a play Beat, an intentional pause for emphasis in comic timing Beat Generation, writers of beat poetry and other beat literature Beat Museum, San Francisco, California, USA; a museum about the Beat Generation literature Beats (video game), a 2007 video game for PlayStation Portable Beat 'em up (video game genre) Directorial beat, an exchange of behavior between characters in a script Unit of action, also called a beat Brands and enterprises [ edit] Beat (drink), a drink manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company in Mexico Beats Electronics, American producer of audio products, such as the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones Transportation [ edit] Beat, a model of the Japanese Daiichi Kosho Whisper paramotor Chevrolet Beat, a concept car providing the basis for the Daewoo Matiz M300 Chevrolet Beat, the version of the Chevrolet Spark localized for the Indian market Honda Beat, a 1991–1996 roadster Honda FC50, a 50cc motor scooter also called "The Beat" Beat (app), a ride-hailing app with operations in Europe and Latin America. Other uses [ edit] Beat (charity), a British charity that supports people with eating disorders Beat, a time unit of Swatch Internet Time Beating against the wind, a sailing manoeuvre using tacking to travel upwind See also [ edit] Search for "beat" on Wikipedia. Beet, a plant and vegetable Saint-Béat, Haute-Garonne, France; a commune Beate (given name) Beats International, UK electronica band Dr. Beat (1984 single) song by Miami Sound Machine New Beat, Belgian underground music genre Up beat (disambiguation) Downbeat (disambiguation) Big beat (disambiguation) Back Beat (disambiguation) On the Beat (disambiguation) The Beat (disambiguation) Beat It (disambiguation) Beet (disambiguation) All pages with titles containing Beat or Beats All pages with titles beginning with Beat.

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