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Cast=Andy Papadimitriou, Giannis Poimenidis
Duration=73 min

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I can't believe its 2013 movie, i feel like i watch it loooong time ago, but its was really good tho. WOW holy moly dat is my Teacher 100 % WTF man... When you're lovers in one story but siblings in another story SWEET HOME ALABAMA. One of the sweetest and most wholesome movies I've ever seen.

The most wonderful space video of my life. REALLY. She's got that singing in the kitchen voice. It's endearing, lol. Now that nasty over here kissing on that young boy. lol. This is so beautiful. Thank you Oscars for sharing this with us. Brie Larson promoted this movie instead of her own. How 'selfless' 😂. 6:01 AI is built on us Me: Yes. Human = World War 2 AI = Skynet. Death: Time to go. Freddie: Hang on, I'm recording. Death: But you're gonna die. Freddie: Do you think I care? Just a few more weeks.

Here because of 'Death by a thousand cuts' ❤. Now he does TED talks from heaven... You make way more money selling dime by dime than you do selling a zip.

I would like to be Space between us 2 Who else

Asa getting way bigger and he's becoming so cute. I remember when he was still THIS 👌 small in Hugo...





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