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Corey Norman
country USA
duration 1 H 13 Min
synopsis Returning from his father's funeral, Robert Foster is faced with the unimaginable; he hits a young girl with his car. In a desperate attempt to save her life, he seeks help at a nearby farmhouse. Little does Robert know that the house has been waiting for him his entire life. Once inside its walls, Robert must overcome his own personal demons in an attempt to save both his wife and himself. But there's a problem, only one may leave The Hanover House alive
genre Horror

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Looks has gone to the top of my to buy list when it comes out on DVD.


They're Bloodline came to an end. the Hanoverians to the rescue. 😖😖😖😖😳😳. Looks amazing. Trailer looks good. House Hanover on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia - Under Queen Victoria who as a woman could not head the House of Hanover, the British Hanoverians became.

Brilliant trailer, Mercy is just too damn awesome for words. Sooo very proud of that lil lass, her Mum, Dad & Family. They're a brilliant bunch! I'm really looking forward to seeing this! D. Real or not my haunted house and paranormal witness were the best paranormal shows ever on TV. Why they took them off I will never know. Bummer. I miss them.


Congratulations. George Newton sent me. Looks freaky! Look forward to it. Is a robot reading this? Sounds awful. Larry asbury. Aiaiiaiaiaiiaiaiaiiaiaii i cant wait. 3 u babe <3. Thank you, for doing this video, as a close enough relative of them to still be in contact of course, I didn't know some of this. Yes, I like your accent too and thought it funny when someone remarked on your dropping H's. Love the look & feel of the film, can't wait for it to come out. I saw on YouTube where the local Fox affiliate came over to Tom and Deanna's home for an interview. During the interview the cameraman swears he was scratched and it was very noticeable. The reporter was stunned. You can check it out.

I would move no questions, doesnt matter, couldnt pay me to stay. HANOVER HOUSE, Get Your Free Book. Brenda Novak. I really enjoyed the homage paid to Hitchcock, Kubrick and several horror classics. You'll be reminded of scenes from Psycho, The Shining, and Poltergeist. I always find it enjoyable to watch one director tip his cap to others. Look for the Orson Welles' low angle shots, some really interesting framing, and the face on the radio as it emits Poltergeist-like static. Brian Chamberlain is fun to watch as he finds himself in the middle of a nightmare with all kinds of tangents. Open one door and there's another, each one leading him deeper into the abyss. Ann Bobby, as usual, is a hoot. It's great to see local film makers using local actors and locations that you recognize. It brings an immediacy to the viewing experience that adds to the enjoyment.

I liked everybody's comments. Link is dead. This looks awesome! Really can't wait to see it.



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