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Saw it tonight. Charming AF. The dance scene that they showed a moment of was corny, and yet somehow sexy at the same time. For me this film was a major success. ENFIN. Ouf, j'ai failli attendre. Je Ne Pa'ais wait, it means i can't wait in french, lol. Every now and then a film comes along that defies conventional genre labels. From its enticing title and zany opening scenes, the independent French-Belgium film Lost in Paris (2017)teases the senses with its mix of vaudeville/burlesque comedy and circus slapstick, all interleaved with a drama on ageing and, of course, a romance. Like all circus-style performance, any semblance of a story only serves to join the non-stop physical comedy into a narrative whole.
A timid librarian in Canada, Fiona (Fiona Gordon) has always dreamt of going to Paris. One day she learns that her 88-year old aunt Martha (Emmanuele Riva) has run away from her Paris home because the authorities want her in aged care. In Canadian Mountie style, she packs her knapsack and flies to France. Searching the streets of Paris, she meets Dom (Dominique Abel) a comic tramp keen to assist as well as help himself to whatever he can, The various adventure skits play out as if on a vaudeville stage but with Parisian scenery.
With a storyline as thin as this, you may wonder what holds the film together. Every scene contains a sight gag; some are downright corny, others whimsically cute. Like a door opens during a Canadian blizzard and everyone tilts forty-five degrees; Martha and her long-lost lover on a park bench dance only with their feet in a too-cute metaphor of synchronicity; and the top-heavy toppling into the Seine makes any cinema erupt in laughter. It's wonderful that anyone still makes films like this.
The three principals are more caricatures than people, both in appearance and performance. While this risks emotional disengagement from the cast, it also means comedy entertainment takes precedence over all else, unless you want to dig deeper. After all, life is offering the gawky-spinster Fiona a bigger purpose and a chance at love; fate calls on the vagabond Dom to rise above his lot; and Martha's mischief proves that age is just a number. But these are incidental messages to the film's unequivocal pursuit of laughter.
Comedy plays a serious role in absurdism by making us ask "why not. Why shouldn't these three gentle misfits have some fun and why shouldn't a film resurrect the styles of Charlie Chaplin, The Three Stooges, or Laurel and Hardy? In these troubled times, we take life far too seriously.

J'adore. mes idoles après Buster Keaton, géniale Fiona Gordon ! il y a tellement peu de femmes burlesques comme Buster, Laurel et Hardy, Jacques Tati etc...
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Yay! I loved The Fairy! This should be amazing.
J'ai beaucoup ri en regardant ce film.

Looks better that 50 shades of gray. Fiona visits Paris for the first time to assist her myopic Aunt Martha. Catastrophes ensue, mainly involving. Lost in Paris (2016. Paris pieds nus (original title. Je les adore. Je n ai que 88 ans 😂😂🤣🤣. Silly film with an overdose of cliches trying to be funny.

The greatest comic minds in the world today. That's not an exaggeration

J'adore ces acteurs. Lost in Paris - Official U.S. Trailer - Oscilloscope Laboratories. Looks like a Wes Anderson film with a female Mr. Bean! Fun and unique. It was painful just trying to finish the trailer... Funniest movie we ever saw, absolutely hysterical. Literally my favorite movie. {Watch Paris pieds full movie vietsub hd. Huaaaaaaa paceeee. This looks so refreshing. Buenisima. Adventure archives. Yay! excited to watch this film at RiverRun Film Fest. Included on my TOP list for sure! 💯🎥.

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