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cast=Aleksandar Djurica Genre=Drama country=Serbia Brief=Slavisa suffers from the Alzheimer's disease and his life in the community is becoming more complex, both for himself and for his household. His daughter and son-in-law are of the view that it is time for Slavisa to be placed in a nursing home. Slavisa desperately tries to convince them and show them that everything with him is still all right. With time this becomes more and more difficult to prove average Ratings=7,8 / 10 star

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Plakat postavljen na IMDB. Srećni. Bez stepenika/ . Jul 30, 2018 Višestruko nagrađivani film „Bez stepenika“ reditelja Marka Novakovića, proizveden u produkciji RTS-a, od utorka, 31. jula, na multimedijalnoj. Etnoantropoloski problemi. The documentary film "250 Steps" is dedicated to the generation of Yugoslav junior national team that won the title of World Champions in basketball led by. „Bez stepenika“, poslednji film Đuze Stojiljkovića od sutra na. RTS. Plakat postavljen na IMDB. tt3861126. Bez stepenika (TV Movie 2015) photos, including production stills. Bez . . . IMDb . „Film „Bez stepenika“ na RTS-u – poslednja Đuzina premijera”. [ExYu-Subs] download torrent.




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