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genre - Adventure / Countries - USA / Year - 2018 / story - Karen or Bust is a movie starring Brian Alapatt, Jack Amadon, and John Arnold. Ringo and Freddie, two 16 year teenagers from upstate New York, hitchhike to Florida in 1966, the summer before the "Summer of Love," to see an old

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Sep 16, 2018 This showing, two shows only, is part of the Troy Art Attack on September 15th as part of a weekend arts event. This is the upstate premiere of the feature film Karen or Bust, written and directed by local Trojan Don Rittner. Karen or Bust (2018.

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Karen or Bust (2018. Plot Summary. Jun 12, 2019 Director, Writer and Actor \ Acrtress of the film Karen or Bust (2018) Director, Writer and Actor \ Acrtress of the film Karen or Bust (2018) Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Synopsis. The Meaning Behind The Making Of Karen Or Bust The film Karen or Bust is set in a pivotal time in American culture and history. The year 1966 was the year before the "Summer of Love" and the Hippie Counterculture. It was a time when the British subculture of Mods and Rockers came to America with American Mods sharing an interest in fashion and music.

Karen or Bust (2018) Movie Cast Information. Karen or Bust. 182 likes. Feature movie to be shot in 2017. Two 16 year old "Mods" with long hair hitchhiking through the south. Not a good idea.


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