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History genre Tula: The Revolt



It's a prank or a real movie? omg. cryinspanish



Lee Pace deserves better than this. Is it me or this main male actor who played Garret in the Twilight.

Unfortunate history, Excellent Movie

I remember watching this awhile ago. Not a bad flick. Vine aquí porque estoy buscando un juego de carritos que se llama igual y ahora creo que veré esa película. Don't need to understand Russian when it starts. Go to about 1:30 to see the action starting. Tula: The Revolt (2013. Plot Summary. Curaçao Slave Revolt of 1795. Tula: The Revolt (2013. Rotten Tomatoes, Revolt was subdued. Tula, Bastian Karpata, Louis Mercier, Pedro Wakao, and other slaves were executed. Slaves received limited rights. A slave revolt took place in the Dutch colony of Curaçao in 1795, led by Tula, a local slave, and resulted in a month-long conflict on the island between escapees and the colonial government. Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets.

Not a bad film. Awesome! I am moved just watching the trailer. I'm sharing with everyone I know. This has been out for like 6 months. Saw it already. En español porfavor. Tula: The révolte. Tula the revolt movie online. Looks kak to me. Straight to netflix. WHY DOES THE MACHINES MAKE SOUNDS LIKE SOME ALIEN CREATURES. Tula the revolt full movie english. Tula: The Revolt (2013. TULA THE REVOLT (2013) PELICULAS COMPLETAS EN ESPAÑOL TULA THE REVOLT (2013) PELICULAS COMPLETAS EN ESPAÑOL TULA THE REVOLT (2013) PELICULAS COMPLETAS EN ESPAÑOL, Official Trailer Tula The Revolt, Directed by Jeroen Leinders. With Danny Glover, Jeroen Krabbé, Deobia Oparei, Aden Gillett. 'Tula, The Revolt' is an international English spoken feature length movie about the leader of the big slave uprising on the island of Curacao, a Dutch colony in 1795. 'Tula The Revolt' tells the true story of a man who dared to stand up against his oppressors leading his people in a peaceful march for, TULA THE REVOLT (2013) PELICULAS COMPLETAS EN ESPAÑOL, Tula: The Revolt is a 2013 historical drama film that was directed by Jeroen film tells the life story of the slave Tula who lead the Slave Revolt of 1795 on Curaçao in the Dutch West film premiered on 4 July 2013 in the Netherlands.

In Cinemas July 4, 2013 Tula The Revolt: A true story about the great slave uprising on Curacao in 1795. For more info: tulathemovie Or follow us on. Tula: The Revolt. Tula the revolt trailer. This is a story of human film may be weak in some aspects,but based on then real life of a person who fought for himself and his people to have freedom from their cruel oppressors, can only merit thought at how the concept of superiority made the slave owners immune to any sense of it wasn't for the uprising in Haiti,no slave would have had the courage to challenge came to end too late unfortunately for other islands like Curacao, but it did end,thanks to people like a story to be watched or we to ignore history of slavery forever,and criticise those who try to tell these stories for the costumes that the slaves wore as too clean,and one commentator here seems to think,or listen to voices of those who sacrificed themselves for their god given rights, and the good of others.

Tula: The revoltec. The robots look really cool but those characters are dummbbb. Pass. Official website. Lee Pace deserves much more than this movie, I'd love to see him back on the big screen not dvd. May be some characters with more make up would make him a better actor. Tula: The révoltée.






Straight to Netflix. Thumbs up if you live in Curacao. Official website. What's this? A B-grade remake of the War of the Worlds. Already pirated. So how we win. It's really stupid how so many people gave negative comments about this movie without haven seen it yet. And they call this movie stupid? Who's the stupid one. Actually. This movie is very entertaining. It has a few holes in the screenplay. But still a good watch. My only negative comment is what happened to Nadia. She had good chemistry with Bo. Skyline in the desert. Tula: The Revolt. Its no bad at all.




Tula: The Revolt. Official website.


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