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Cast: Zhiying Xu
brief: Gospel Film: A New Life Out of Tortures is a movie starring Chunzhen Li, Li Zhang, and Qian Cheng. Liyan is one of the leaders of the Church of Almighty God. One time, on her way to a meeting, she was captured by the Chinese
Release date: 2016

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I would like to say, just watching this movie and. the way this case was handled brought tears as I thought. the way I handled some past judgements in my own life where I need to for give. Thank you ~♥. God always has His Own Time, and He might deliberately delay your AMBITIONS in one way or the other, because of your IMATURITY! For purposely postponed that RELATIONSHIP, because He saw both were not yet ready to handle the DIVINE PACKAGE He had for them; so, He so programmed everything, and handed that PRECIOUS JEWEL He had for someone into the CUSTODY of another, till he's of AGE to handle such a COMPLEX PHENOMENA! It's just like a WEALTHY FATHER, who has so many ASSETS and PROPERTIES, but He wouldn't allow His Son, who still under age to access such RESPONSIBILITIES! So He commits the son into the CARE of a STEWARD, to coach the boy till he's of age to handle such SERIOUS DUTIES.

Thanks for posting this. I needed to know what forgiveness looks like. Blessings to you.




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