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Release year 2014
genre Thriller
Jennifer B. White
review Part of Mary's soul has been ripped from her body. After vanishing from her family's lake house, the 15 year-old returns without any memory of the traumatic events she experienced. Even while a nefarious mystery surrounds its circumstance-and a wrathful spirit begins haunting them-the Solis family's biggest fear is watching Mary unbecome. And knowing they must find her soul before time runs out

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Mary Loss of Soul directed by Jennifer B. White



That's really are. I love it... I agree! The parents did not listen to Grand Pabbie at all! They did the exact opposite! It's their fault for everything that happened in Frozen. Looks great. 'Fear will be your enemy.' Sooo. Yoda.


I read a bunch of reviews before I buy or watch anything especially on amazon. I think I can explain more about this movie now that I've see it and saw some one stars that I think are probably guys who want a slasher or something. I could def see it on lifetime but I don't see that as a diss. I watch Lifetime so no problem there. This movie is about a girl who goes missing in the woods and comes back missing part of her soul. That's not a spoiler because its in the description and starts the movie that way. The main part is figuring out why and how. (I thought that was interesting because I've never seen a movie where someone loses their soul if they're not dead and then has it haunt them) If you want a slasher or straight up horror don't watch this movie. It's smarter than that and has a supernatural thing going on. I liked the characters a lot but I agree the mom isn't so good but the dad is. The main character is good and so is her sister. I watch a lot of movies and seen way worse but this is good with a twist ending and twists along the way so I'm recommending it.

In Frozen 2,Elsa will be fighting against The Dark Phoenix.





"What do you mean? I ask, directing my question at the Satyr. "What Volgrim inspection team? Why didn't Marie tell me she had to leave? Momo sighs. "I-I'm sorry, mister Hiro, sir. She couldn't. You were busy conversing with the artifacts and their errant souls, so Miss Becker didn't want to disturb you. Whenever a Volgrim inspection team arrives, she has to report to them at once. The Volgrim technically control Marie, so she has to do as they order." Slowly, I nod. However, suspicions emerg.

A Demon tried to kill me once, now I hunt down demons (Part 11. Yuno needs to lose. Badly. *Evil lurks all around us. It may be disguised as the smallest of sins, taking roots in the lives of many, only to manifest itself in horrifying ways. I know of evil, because I have spent my life around it, even worshipped it, and, born of it. This is my scary story, one I lived and experienced, and with every scary story, there are horrors in this as well, in fact, two of them. My father, was one such evil. He used to be a happy man, or so I was told by my mother, but I never saw him.

"Mary Loss of Soul" has a lot of soul to spare. Watch the beautiful, creepy trailer here.


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The majority of fan dialogue I've seen seems to follow the premise that Dean reaching a breaking point with Cas is irrational and Cas is blameless in the whole thing- an unfortunate victim of Dean's Dabb-era anger issues. I think it's easy to think of it that way if you don't consider the characters history together since the beginning. Looking at things only from the framework of what happened last season with Jack and Mary, it seems confusing and even out of character for Dean to be this angr.

With the new Onomancy [UA subclass. I have been thinking about what a true name means in a fantasy world. True names appear often in historical mythologies and folktales. Knowing the protagonists true name often allows the antagonist to directly smite them with powerful magics. Vice versa, defeating the demon lord or whatever otherworldly being leads the hero to yell his name, calling the enemy out and striking them down. I.

Dean's Perspective in the Dean and Cas Quarrel

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Mary Loss of Soul
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Mary Loss of Soul

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