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  4. year: 2018

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I was listening to this at work with my headphones on. I've heard this before, but I still wanted to hear it again. 46:04. Um, it is it just me or did I hear a stomach growl. I don't know if you've answered this before, but how do you feel about the Star Wars canon being wiped out? Or, better yet, how do you NOW look at the films knowing that the previous EU doesn't count anymore? Does that alter your experience.

My theory on Lavos core is that the world and Lavos are all one environment now. Lavos' presence shapes human history, and human development, in turn, shapes the development of Lavos itself. It gets a mechanical shell inside in response to human's developing machinery; it is assimilating the world's technological distinctiveness. and it has a humanoid part of the core because you are what you eat; it is assimilating human biological distinctiveness as well. Of course, the main part of the core is not that humanoid bit (which is a brilliant gameplay misdirect, I love it) but humanoid isn't the only life on the planet. That right bit may very well be the main remnant of the original alien, if not the brain, perhaps the instinctive accumulation of magic that keeps the rest coordinated. insert technobabble lol. BTW is it just me or does the trial scene really remind you of Star Trek VI's trial scene too.


Hiya Lore, I never saw the beaming though the shields then draining the shield later as a plot hole. The draining the shields, possibly deflector shield also, was needed to knock them out of warp so they could continue to carve up the enterpise for every scrap of information/resource. I need to watch the episode again to be sure but thats how I saw in. possibly in my own 'head cannon.
Dave Prowse played Darth Vader. You can see him as an android (basically him sprayed silver) in the Tommorrow People (1973/4) episode The Medusa Strain. He also played The Green Cross Code man here in the UK.
Did he say his 2nd favourite boss is a red knight? I don't remember that boss.
I think your vision of Communism is wrong. Communism actually wants to free everyone from all tyranny. The problem is, tyranny can be productive. Communism is ultimate individualism, to the point of dissolution.

To be fair to Cyrus, wasn't the Masamune already damaged from attacking the Mammon Machine? Then it broke fighting Magus. That's my head cannon. And for the record I think Masa-Mune (Masah Mooneh) is my pronunciation. Christmas came early. Really confused listening to you speculate about Qs motives here. The whole “contest” thing was nonsense. Guinan spells it out in the last scene: Qs goal was to let the Federation know about the Borg, who (unknown to either her or Picard) were already targeting the Federation. Q is an archetypal Trickster Deity. His goal is to help humanity, but his methods are indirect and his sense of scale entirely alien to our understanding. He doesnt care about those 17 crewmen because the stakes hes playing for are so, so, so much bigger. The conflict w/ Q, therefore, is rooted in the inability of Picard and his peers to understand the full scope and scale of Qs actions, and their inability to trust his motives—or even recognize them. This is the “trial” from Farpoint that “never ends.” Its not about Picard, or the Enterprise, and never was. It was about an entire civilization, about whole centuries or millennia of progress. Ive seen so,e fans that agree w/ you that this is because Humans Are Special, but I hate that trope (too egotistical) so I think I e gotta disagree. I dont think its biology that interests the Q so much as culture: the Federation represents an “empire” based on infinite diversity, and peaceful cooperation—precisely the kind of culture a benevolent God might want to foster.



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